WRITERZ Corrections Policy


WRITERZ shall make corrections or clarifications to original contents when it shall be necessary. We always care to edit even minor errors such as spelling, grammar or any misinformation in the content, whenever prompted or when we find it our self.

We welcome and are thankful to those readers, who indicate any error regarding spelling, grammar or any information which is not in partial or full compliance with the scientific or medical fact. This makes our website error-free and near to perfection.

When we are identified with an error, it will be reviewed and corrected. This correction policy applies to all the content present on this website only. If you find any error in any content on another website through clicking the links from our website, please notify that website administrator via their contact page. We cannot fix those errors because it is not in our control.

If you believe that there is an error in our content please notify us through our Contact Us page. You can find it in the footer section of our website.


Last Updated on 1 November 2018

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