How to Buy a Good Quality Waterproof Tent?

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Last Updated on January 10, 2021 by Tanmay Sarkar

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A waterproof tent is an essential requirement during camping as perfect weather prediction is still beyond human caliber.

Especially, when you take your children to camp in open, where facilities are nearly zero.

Look at these points before buying a tent to strongly evaluate the waterproofing qualities of the tent.

So, let see different features of a tent which makes them waterproof.

1. Check The Zips

The opening of the tent is the potential place from where the water can seep in. You have to see whether the zip is protected by the rain or not.

A well-designed tent will have some fabric or plastic cover to keep rainwater away from the zip.

See if, the tent has a cable entry, then the zip should also be protected. The cable entry should have protection which is the same for the zip on the main entrance.

It can also be under the skirt of the tent, so the rainwater can remain out.

Do not buy a tent if you find a normal zip on its side, it can leak during rain.

If an electric cable is coming to your tent, make sure it is not placed directed on the floor.

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2. Check Seams Of The Tent

Seams of the tent are an important place to see for leaks. The fabric of the tent where they are stitched together, you should check whether the seams have been sealed together or not.

The stitching of the tent from inside should have a waterproof coating, which will prevent water leaks.

The toggles and ties have to be stitched well into the seam of the material of the tent. They have to be sealed well if you do not want the water to leak inside.

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3. The Stitching Should Be Good

Remember every stitch in the tent is a potential place for a leak. They should be properly sealed to minimize any leak in the future. Good rainproof tents will have good stitching.

These day’s tents designs are advanced. Overlapping materials are been used to minimize the leaks. A lesser amount of stitching is also done which goes through the outer tent fabric which further reduces the risk associated with the opening of these stitches.

Stitching should be uniform and not irregular which makes the tent prone to leak. Lots of stray material or loose ends should not be in a tent, which is a sign of inferior quality tents.

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4. Check Hydrostatic Head

Hydrostatic head means how much waterproof the tent material or fabric is.

Generally, tents have 2000 mm HH (Hydrostatic Head), which is good for a mild raining condition, but not generally good for heavy rainfall.

The water can seep through the material if there is a heavy downpour. So, buy tents which gives you extra protection. There are tents available with 8000 mm HH.

But, look at the seam of the tent because still water can enter through it if it is not sealed well. A higher hydrostatic head tent

5. Do Your Tent Have A Bathtub Sewn In The Groundsheet?

In most of the tent, the groundsheet is sewed in, which is not essential but it can save time while pitching.

A bathtub shape groundsheet is better as this means the sides of the groundsheet of the tent are turned upward, which minimize the risk of water coming to the tent from the bottom.

Remember to buy a tent which has a groundsheet with a higher Hydrostatic head like a 10000 mm waterproof tent. It should be strong enough to ward off water and should be comfortable to sit on.

Tent groundsheet material also plays an important role in waterproofing the tent.

6. Do Your Tent have A Waterproof Treatment?

A good tent will always have a waterproof treatment on the tent. With a combined effect of higher Hydrostatic Head in the fabric and waterproofing, the tent is safe from the water.

This waterproofing is helpful as the less water stays on the tent the less chance it has of leaking in.

7. Check For Skirt In The Tent

Some tents have a fabric that extends on the side of the tent outward and away from the groundsheet, which looks like a skirt.

This method helps to direct the water away from the tent and also from the stitching of the groundsheet.

8. Check For Rain Proof Entrance     

A good quality tent will always have a form of ridge or gully from which the water can pass so that if you open the door in the rain the water will not pour on the groundsheet.

This design will allow you to get out or get in the tent comfortably without water pouring in as soon as you open the door.

Q1. Do tents leak when it rains?

A1.  Not always is the simple answer to this question. It all depends upon the rainfall and type of water proof tent. Let me elaborate.
During heavy rainfall with a 2000 mm waterproof tent the water may pass through. But, with a good quality waterproof tent you will not find this problem as it is made to withstand heavy rainfall.
Another thing is the seam of the tent from where water may sip in. Good quality tents will not give you this problem.

Q2. How to waterproof tents?

A2. There are three ways to water a tent.
1.     Sealing the seams: you can apply seam sealer which is availableeasily in the market or through online means. It will keep the moisture away.
2.     Urethane coating: urethane coating inside the tent is what makes the difference between a water proof tent and an ordinary tent. If needed you can refresh the urethane coating.
3.     Durable water repellent or DWR: the durable water repellent coating help the rainfly to shed water. If needed you have to reapply the DWR coating.

Q3. Is 2000mm tent waterproof good?

A3. Yes, 2000mm tent waterproof is good for 2 meter column of water. Generally, waterproof rating of a material is measured in in millimeters (mm) and rating usually fall anywhere between 800mm up to 10,000mm.
So, a 2000mm waterproof rating tent will be able to bear 2,000mm or 2 meter column of water before it starts to leak.

Q4. What does 2000mm waterproof mean for tents?

A4. 2,000mm waterproof tent for means that it can bear only 2,000mm or 2 meter column of water before the tent starts leaking. The Higher the waterproof rating the more water pressure it can bear

Q5. Is 8000 mm waterproof good?

A5. Yes, 8,000 mm waterproof rating is good as it can withstand a greater water pressure without leaking. These types of tents are good for area which receives a good amount of rainfall.

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