Upgrade Your RV In 20 Cool Ways

Upgrade Your RV In 20 Cool Ways
RV Upgrade Makes It Home


Buying an RV is a great experience but it is even awesome to upgrade it so you can feel more comfortable in it.

Another thing which makes upgrading RV a better choice is that the RV becomes customized as you want it to be.

Door color, carpet, and accessories will be of your choice.

When you invest in your RV big or small you get more out of it.

Let’s see how you can upgrade the RV like a pro.

RV Upgrade Tips

picture of black RV Solar Panel
RV Solar Panel

1. Solar Power

If you are a fan of boondocking then it’s better that you install a few solar panels on the roof of your RV. It is great to charge your batteries while boondocking.

It is a clean source of energy and will end your dependency on fossil fuel to a great extent.

You can use this electricity to run your electrical and electronic appliances. You can have a power backup even in a remote area. You can get a corrosion-resistant solar panel in here.

Upgrading Time- 2 hours max

Upgrading Difficulty- medium

Check This Youtube Link: How To Install Solar Panels On RV


5 RV LED Lights
RV LED Lights

2. LED Lightings

There are many types of LED lights available in the market. The good thing about them is that they consume less electricity and are durable than most types of lights available today. LED consumes up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs and has a 10-20 years life span.

For outdoor gathering, you can use them to make your evening brighter. There are many colors available to decorate. Choose white light where you want more exposure. You can get LED Light in here that gives 620 lumen light and have a life expectancy of more than 60,000 hours.

Upgrading Time- 1-hour max

Upgrading Difficulty- low

Check This Youtube Link: How To Install LED Lights In Your RV


3. Chalkboard Fridge Door

One of the best things about the chalkboard fridge door is that you will not forget anything, just log on it.

Children also can use it to draw something in there spare time. You can also show your creative skills and draw something special on it.

Upgrading Time- 1-2 hours max

Upgrading Difficulty- low

Check This Youtube Link: Chalkboard Fridge DIY

picture showing inverter for an RV and other things
RV Inverter

4. Increase Inverter Backup

This is like investing in solar panels. If you like boondocking or dry camping then it will a good investment.

It will allow you to store more electricity that can be used for a longer period of time. You can get PowerInverter in here with remote control, AC outlet and USB port.

Upgrading Time- 1-2 hours max

Upgrading Difficulty- High

Check This Youtube Link: Inverter Installation 


picture of an RV Battery
RV Battery

5. Increase Battery Power

Generally, RVs come with 2 batteries but some people need more. It’s better to upgrade your batteries to have more power when needed.

It’s not bad to carry extra batteries when you are camping in remote places. When you have them, it brings peace of mind. You can get a deep cycle AGM battery in here.

Upgrading Time- 1-2 hours max

Upgrading Difficulty- High


picture of a RV Shower Head
RV Shower Head

6. Replace Shower

Who does not like to have a shower after a long day, it’s relaxing and important? If you want to replace those terrible shower heads then it’s time.

A good shower should have good water pressure. You can get a Camco shower head with ON/OFF switch in here.

Upgrading Time- 1-hour max

Upgrading Difficulty- Low


picture of a RV Bumper Mount connected to a vehicle
RV Bumper Mount

7. Bumper Mount

If you want to bring some extra things with you then a bumper mount is best. You can store bikes and even kayaks on it.

You have to look for a durable one which can carry the load. Like the one here made with Vortex Steel.

Upgrading Time- 1-2 hours max

Upgrading Difficulty- High


picture of RV WiFi Extender and details about it
RV WiFi Extender

8. WiFi-Extender

It is a must thing today. As most of the time, you will spend on roads it’s not easy to pick up the internet on it.

WiFi extenders can boost your WiFi signal and can also overpass WiFi dead zones. They also have an encrypted connection on a public WiFi as most of the campground does not have a password on their WiFi.

Remember that they have a range on which they work good but after that they are dead. But, still, they have a good range. Get one for yourself a Wifi-Extender in here.

Upgrading Time- 1-2 hours max

Upgrading Difficulty- medium

Check This Youtube Link: WiFi Extender Installation


picture of RV TV Signal Booster
RV TV Signal Booster

9. TV Dishes & Signal Booster

Many of us cannot leave an episode of our favorite TV series. For this, you have to install a TV dish or a signal booster.

You can fit a satellite or antennas to receive a television signal. You may not get the service in a remote location but will get signal in populated areas. Get a TV Antena booster here.

Upgrading Time- 1-2 hours max

Upgrading Difficulty- Medium



10. Laminate Flooring

It is better to have a laminated floor than carpet because it is easier to clean them. They have shine and luster which changes the look of the RV.

Many times you will camp near beaches or mountains and will bring dirt or sand on the floor. If you have a carpet then it is a total mess.

Upgrading Time- 1-2 hours max

Upgrading Difficulty- high


11. Dustpan

After laminating the floor this is the coolest thing which you would like a dustpan into the floor. You can collect the dust in this pan to clean the RV floor.

It is very easy to install it and you will be able to clean it very easily. An awesome invention!

Upgrading Time- 1-hour max

Upgrading Difficulty- low


picture of RV Backup Camera and detail about it
RV Backup Camera

12. Wireless RV Backup Camera

Many people face problems in backing their RVs. You need to have a good experience to do it.

Or you can install a wireless RV backup camera. It will make it easy for you to back up the RV in the right place.

You can even connect them with your smartphones to make it easy for you. Get a Wireless RV Backup Camera in here.

Upgrading Time- 10 – 15 Minutes max

Upgrading Difficulty- low



13. Change the Storage Bay Lock

If your neighbor camper has the same RV keys like you then they can also open your storage bay lock. Surprised! Yes, if you have the same marked keys.

This is time to change it to protect your things from stealing.

Upgrading Time- 10 – 15 Minutes max

Upgrading Difficulty- low


14. Digital Thermostat

If you don’t have a digital thermostat in your RV then upgrade it today because it will give you more precise temperature control in your RV.

Upgrading Time- 1-2 Hours Max

Upgrading Difficulty- Medium



picture of RV Stabilizer Rod
RV Stabilizer Rod

15. Stabilize Your RV

Stabilization rods are very easy to install and keep your RV balanced. They are worth of money as it will protect your RV. Like This Trailer Stabilizer Jack in here.

Upgrading Time- Half An Hours max

Upgrading Difficulty- Low

Check This Youtube Link: RV Stabilizer Jack Installation


16. Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, and Lotion Holder

It will change the look and feel of the bathroom. It will also make it easy for you to keep different things in the same place.

They are easy to fill, clean and also saves a lot of space.

Upgrading Time- 30 Minutes max

Upgrading Difficulty- Low


17. Headphone Jacks For The TV

After this upgrade, you will be able to hear TV sound in your headphones without disturbing anyone.

You only need an extension cable and some skills.

Upgrading Time- 1-2 Hours Max

Upgrading Difficulty- Hard

Check This Youtube Link: Remote headphone Jack Installation

picture of RV Hardwire Surge Protector
RV Hardwire Surge Protector

18. Hardwired Surge Protector

This will help you when there is a surge. If you like to stay indoor or work while you are in your RV then hardwire surge protector is best for you.

Most of the RVs have a standard outlet which does not protect if the surge overloads them when your computer, TV or other electronic devices are plugged in.

You can install a hardwire surge protector where your electric runs into the rig. Get a surge guard like this one.

Upgrading Time- 1 Hour max

Upgrading Difficulty- Hard

Check This Youtube Link: RV Surge Guard Installation


picture of two RV Walkie Talkie
RV Walkie Talkie

19. Walkie Talkie

Walkie-talkies are a very important thing that you must have if you know what are its benefits. If you are backing into the parking spot it will be easy to communicate with the spotter.

When you are exploring the area it is way more easy to communicate with those who are in RV. Children can have fun with it and learn how to get organized and communicate with others.

It’s a must-have device if you still don’t have it. get a rechargeable walkie-talkie in here.


picture of RV Portable Air Compressor
RV Portable Air Compressor

20. Portable Air Compressor

A portable air compressor comes out handy and useful when you strictly need it. It is a good investment as you can refill flat tires anywhere.

You can also pump up ATV tires and bicycle tires too. a portable air compressor pump like this one has good ratings by customers.



Many of these RV upgrades will take more time or money but are worth it. Some of these save time and some make’s your camping comfortable.

If you have some other tips to share with us then please share it down below in the comment section. Thanks!

Happy RVing

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