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Are you ready to rent an RV to enjoy this summer then wait and take a look at these important tips before you rent an RV?

Renting an RV is the best way to experience the fun of a trip. There are many things that you have to know before you rent an RV such as best RV renting companies, type of RVs, Gas mileage, fare, campgrounds, and others.

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Let’s see what are the tips!


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1. First Make A Budget

Making a budget will ensure that you will know an estimated expenditure that is going to happen on the trip. It will include renting an RV, reservation of campground, other outdoor activities, essential things like food, fuel, and others.

By making a budget you will know where to spend more and where less. Keep in mind the miscellaneous expenses that may pop up from nowhere.


2. Plan Your Trip

If you have planned the trip then you will spend less time thinking about what to do next. It also helps to keep things going and you will know what to do after a certain thing. To get help use RV Trip Wizard it will let you plan campgrounds, refueling, and others.


3. Book In Advance

I am talking about everything from RV to campgrounds. The reason is during peak season, summers, and winter vacations there is more demand for RVs than supply. You don’t want to end up finding anything.

You may have to book weeks or months in advance so that you find the right RV and of course the desired campground. There is a good chance that by booking in advance you get the right spot. Take for example the Yellowstone National Park, most of the restaurants and the campgrounds are booked a year in advance. That’s the level of demand!

Yes, if you have just started do not get disappointed as it is not the case with every campground but you may have to settle with a not-so-popular campground or a not-so-perfect RV.

You can do the advanced booking of the campgrounds with the help of RoverPass they will help you to book RV resorts easily and it will be affordable too. Remember, the longer time you book the more you can save.

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4. Book Online

Booking online will not only save money but also there will be the peace of mind that wherever you are going you have a reserved place. Many times there are deals so you can even get other things at less price.

There is a good website called Viator where you can get good deals.

There is one more way you can book and save is through a browser extension called Honey. You have to install it in the browser and you will be able to save money on lots of websites.

With the help of the Honey, you will shop normally and it will apply the discount to your cart. You can also get a discount at big online stores such as Amazon.


5. Make A Secure Online Payment

Online payment is always a risk. There are many frauds done every day online.

There are some steps that you can take to make a secure online payment:

1. Use a dedicated computer

2. Avoid public Wi-Fi and computers

3. Always pay online when you are on a secure encrypted website like those which use the HTTPS version of the web such as Outdoorsy (link) and RVshare.


6. Roadside Assistance Is A Good Way To Get Help 

While traveling there can be emergencies like a flat tire, mechanical failure, and kinds of stuff like that. You should be ready for it by joining some good clubs such a Good Sam, Escapees. You will be able to travel with peace of mind. Join the Good Sam Club Today! Discounts, Tips, Tools & Much More!

They come in rescue when you are in trouble and standing at the side of the road is a big mood swinger and disappointment. No one wants it.


7. Compare The RV Pricing

Whenever you are searching for an RV for rent always try to compare the prices of multiple RVs. These prices vary according to the type of RV, location of renting, duration, distance, and time of year.

Just like a car rental, you have to pay a daily rate for your RV rental and the bigger the RV is the bigger price you have to pay. In addition to this, you have to pay per mile which is generally 50 cents to 1 dollar.

To find the best deal go through the maximum searches you can. The more you search the more option you have.



8. Select The Best Type Of RV

If you are not from another galaxy, you must know that there are different types of RVs on this planet.

Each one has different features, prices, and comfort. To know the best for you have to know them in detail. Here is the list of the most common type of RVs:

1. Class A Motorhome: this one is the largest of the motorhome and RV, which has a dining area, lounge, kitchen, bathroom with shower, and a separate bedroom. It is luxurious, spacious, and comfortable, it will feel like you are traveling in a good hotel room. Some slide-outs increase the living space inside. It is also the most difficult to drive and most costly to buy and rent. Class A is better for large families or people who want more space.

2. Class B Motorhome: it is also called van conversion, it is an extended version of a van with a raised roof. You get a toilet, kitchen, bed, dinette and other things but with less space than Class A Motorhome. Good for couples with 1 or 2 kids.

3. Class C Motorhome: this one is built on a truck chassis with an extra cab over the driver’s compartment. You will often find a bed in this compartment. These motorhomes also have a separate kitchen, dining area, and bathroom. It is best for families who do not want Class A.

4. Travel Trailer: this is an RV that is pulled by a car or truck. They are available in all sizes from 10 feet to 40 feet long. The interior of a travel trailer varies a lot depending upon the taste of the owner. But, generally, there is a lounge, kitchen, dinette, bathroom, and a separate bathroom in most of them. Before renting make sure your vehicle can tow it or you have to rent a car/SUV too.

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9. Research About The RV Campgrounds

You have to select the campground that you want to visit. You must read the reviews that people have shared on different websites, know about the campground. Also, there are limitations on how long RV you can park at these campgrounds especially at National Park Campgrounds.


Private RV parks and campgrounds are generally expensive than discounted communities such as Escapees RV Club.


10. RV Parks Extras

The RV parks and campgrounds can also have extra fees that you need to check for. These fees are generally paid at the time of reservation, but there can be some additional fees that will come into effect when you arrive at the campground.

Additional fees are paid for additional nights at the campground, propane, generator fee, or firewood. It can also add transportation such as shuttle service or using public transport services.


11. RV Rental Deposit & Other Fees

You have to make one deposit at least one while renting your RV. This is like token money which is made when you are making your reservation to hold your reservation before the final price of your rental.

Security Deposit: There is also a security deposit that is taken in nearly every rental service. This money is refundable and held until you return the RV safety to the owner’s hand.

Amenities fee: On the other hand RV companies may also charge you for amenities such as bedding, kitchenware, generators, propane, gas, and more.

Cancellation Fee: yes, there can be a cancellation fee. Most of the RV rental companies have some kind of cancellation fee where you have to give some fee on a cancellation or rescheduling a trip.

Cleaning Fee: There is also a cleaning fee with some RV rentals.

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12. Insurance Is Important

Insurance is important for an RV rental in case of mishaps. Some companies provide insurance and they charge a fee for it. If they are not providing it then also you must do it on your own, as giving little today is better than giving a large sum of money later if anything goes wrong. You remain on the safer side with it.

The best way to ensure your RV rental is through car insurance companies. While you get up to 1 million insurance by renting an RV from companies such as Outdoorsy.


13. Gas Mileage Is Not Good

Generally rented RVs have a poor track record of low gas mileage. During the summer season, it is worst with the high prices of fuel. It also varies depending upon the type of RV. The best is to ask the RV owner before leaving as it will give you the general idea of fuel consumption.

It is also interesting to know that gas mileage depends upon the terrain, weather, load on the RV, and speed.

There are places where you can get gas at cheaper prices. Gas stations on busy highways are mostly expensive so plan your route accordingly or keep additional gas with you.




14. Use Good Apps

There are many apps especially for RVers so use them to get help, save time and be right. Apps such as:

1. Sanidumps: it helps you to find dump stations when your RVs black or grey tank is loaded. It is a free app.

Google Play


2. GPS CoPilot: it is an offline map app that also offers other map features such as Navigon, which Garmin does not provide. It is a free app, the paid version has more features.

Google Play


3. Dish Align & Dish Aligner: this app is to get your TV signal from the satellite dish, it helps in alignment with your satellite dish antenna. It is a free app.

Google Play


4. Gas Buddy: this is an app that can compare fuel prices to help you to find the cheapest place to refuel. It is free to download.

Google Play

5. Yelp: already a popular app among the Rvers it has a giant database of campgrounds, services, entertainment venues, and restaurants. It is a good app too if you are navigating a new area. Free to download.

Google Play


15. Pet policy

If you are planning to bring your pet in an RV then check the pet policy because some RV rental allows pets and others don’t. If they allow it then there can be an extra deposit or restriction on the total number of pets allowed.

There are campgrounds and RV parks which do not allow pets so you have to check it too to arrange for them.


16. Save Money By Bringing Food

Remember, much of the money is spend on food especially while you are on road. Everything is expensive so it is better to take a tour of a nearby food store before an actual tour. It will save a ton of money and will be healthy too (if you have packed those).

The restaurant on the roadside are always expensive and even the food stores.


17. RV Driving Is Different

If you are new to RVs then it might take a while to adjust your hands on it. RVs are taller and heavier than cars and trucks. Travel trailers are different than Class A, B, and C because here you have to tow them with the help of a vehicle. There is a chance of fishtailing at high speed.

There are other things such as turning and backing up. During steep turns drive slow as many accidents happen at these points. If backing up is a problem then take the help of a fellow camper or RV park staff. Do not hesitate just ask for help if you are not sure about it.

Driving an RV does not require a special driver’s license so your usual driver’s license is enough. The only thing that you have to do is to drive it on an open road for some time.

Drive slower than usual!

Speeding up is not a point while on a trip because I read somewhere “it’s a vacation, not a race”


18. RV Hookups

RV hookups are confusing at first then it’s all about habit. Remember to take the help of the owner’s manual that you have inside the cabinet or see some Youtube videos. If not sure then ask for help as it is better to call someone to get it to fix before a mishap rather than to call someone after it. God is with you!



19. Secure Your Items

When RV is moving things inside it can jump from their places. Before you leave clean the counter and tables, close the cabinet doors, keep small loose things inside drawers and cabinet. It will prevent accidents and potential damage to things.


20. Know Basic Skills

RVing is not easy as it requires some basic skills to manage, repair, or start a thing. Things such as starting a generator, connecting the sewer hose to the dumping station, reading the control panel, the occasional job related to electricity, plumbing, or mechanical stuff.

These things require a person who knows something about other professions too. That is why go through some Youtube videos on RVing or read some books on RV before really starting it.

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21. Questions That You Must Ask The RV Owner

The RV owner knows the RV better than you, they will try to sell their words, in between that keep asking some question which would be helpful later or spot on. The questions such as:

1.         What is the gas mileage?

2.         Is there a generator in it?

3.         Does it have a GPS?

4.         Is there bedding, pillows, kitchenware in it?

5.         Does it have an AC or Heaters?


22. Bring RV Essentials

Most of the time you will get kitchenware, paper towels, etc but you have to arrange for other useful things.

Here is the list of essential things:

1. Towels

2. Bed linens

3. Pillows

4. Toiletries

5. Cleaning stuff such as sponges, dish towel, trash bags

6. Toilet paper

7. Broom

8. Dustpan

9. Clothing

10. First aid kit

11. Plates, cups, and bowls

12. Folding chair

13. Portable grill

14. Bicycles

15. Outdoor games

16. Flashlights

17. Folding table

18. Sunscreen

19. Insects and bugs repellent

20. Camera

21. Battery charger

22. Hiking Gear

23. Beach gear


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