Must Read RV Books of 2021

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It is good to have a book despite today’s modern technology because you need no electricity or even wi-fi to know about what you want to know.

Whether you are a beginner RV lover or an experienced one, if you are looking for the best RV books, then you will find here some books of your choice. All these books are written by experienced RVers.

From a large shelf of books, I have picked a few ones for you and there are also RV books for beginners.

Let’s see which one you like the most.

1. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas

AutherJoe Yogerst
PublisherNational Geographic
Publishing DateFebruary 7, 2017
Weight1.59 pounds

About  The Auther

Joe Yogerst is an editor, writer, photographer and speaker. He has travelled to worked in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

He had written for CNN Travel, Islands magazine, The International Herald Tribune in Paris, Washigton Post, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Examiner, and Conde Nast traveler.

He has wriiten 37 books for National Geographic. Joe Yogerst is the recipient of four Lowell Thomas Awards from the Society of American Travel Writers.

About The Book

50 States, 5,000 Ideas is a best seller on Amazon. This book is from a travel expert at National Geographic which showcases the best travel experiences in every state of USA.

Sites discussed in the books are national parks, beaches, hotels, Civil War battlefields, dude ranches, museums and more.

In addition to the 50 US states the books also includes a section on Canadian provinces and territories.

2. A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV

Cover photo of A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV- Everything I Wish I Knew Before Full-Time RVing Across America
AuthorAlyssa Padgett
PublisherIndependently Published
Pages205 pages (paperback)
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About The Author

This book is written by Alyssa Padgett, who convinced her husband to take her to all the 50 states of the USA for their honeymoon. They do not know about RVing or RVs at that time.

Alyssa is also a film producer and a travel blogger. She had directed and produced Hourly America, which is a documentary film about her 50 states’ honeymoon. It was featured on CBS, CNN, People, Yahoo, Huffington Post, and others.

About The Book

Living in an RV is one of the best RV book for beginners. She kept on learning, and in the end, she wrote this book which is an excellent read for a beginner RVer. In this book, she had tried to give answers to the beginners questions such as:

  1. The cost of full-time RVing
  2. How to find great internet on the road?
  3. Whether you can tow a car behind the RV?
  4. What they do for health insurance while traveling?
  5. Best RVing clubs and memberships
  6. Their favorite apps for RVers

If you are looking for topics such as:

  1. Traveling with kids
  2. How to downsize to an RV from a house?
  3. How to travel with pets?

Then do not read this book as they have not covered these topics. If you are looking for books on RV living then you are in the right place.

3. The RV Book

Cover photo of The RV Book
Cover photo of The RV Book
AuthorMark J. Polk
PublisherRV Education 101; Updated Edition
Pages288 pages
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About The Author

Mark Polk is a retired United States Army Chief Warrant Officer Three. He owns and operates RV Education 101 which is based in North Carolina since 1999. He has experience in an RV background as he has been in RV services, sales, and management.

About The Book

This book is written by an expert who has huge experience with RVs. In this book, Mark makes complex things easy, he has given tips as to how you can make your RV experience safe, fun, and stress-free. It is for those people who want to know how to properly use and maintain an RV.

Editorial Reviews

“Mark Polk has written a superbly insightful book on how to use and properly maintain any recreation vehicle. This indispensable guide will save RV owners plenty of money and countless hours of frustration. With the possible exception of a sewer hose, The RV Book should be the first thing new RV owners buy. After reading it, they should store it in the cabinet above their refrigerator – it will be like taking an RV service technician with them on vacation. As a seasoned RV user himself, Mark knows first hand what all RV owners need to know to enjoy a hassle-free and safe experience on the road and in the campground. Don’t have an RV yet? The RV Book can help anyone select the right motorhome or travel trailer based on the unique needs of his or her family. The book’s resource section lists the names of scores of companies and associations directly involved in the RV industry, along with their web addresses should further information be desired. Reading The RV Book is just like buying 10 years of RVing experience”

– GREG GERBER, Editor-in-Chief of Milo Media RV Publications

“After 20 years of fulltime RVing, I still discovered new information while reading The RV Book”

– Peggi McDonald, Author of RV Living in the 21st Century

4. Living the RV Life: Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road

Cover photo of Living the RV Life- Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road
AuthorMarc Bennett & Julie Bennett
PublisherAdams Media
Pages256 pages (Paperback)

About The Authors

Mark Bennett and his wife Julie Bennett are full-time RVers and bloggers. They have traveled to all 50 states of the USA and countries such as Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

About The Book

There are many books about RV living, but this one is special. This book deals with the learning as to how to do a transition from a home dweller to living full time as RVer. Language and writing style is simple to understand. Some topics which are covered in this book are:

  1. How to choose an RV?
  2. Details on the experience of full-time RVer
  3. Can you sell your house or if not then what to do?
  4. Cost of various models
  5. Routes and destinations
  6. How to maintain a vehicle?
  7. Legal Issues

It is a bible to living a mobile life.

Editorial Reviews

“Perfect for the RVer who’s thinking about going full time, or one who wants to revel in another’s adventures. Either way, it makes for a great way to pass the time when you’re looking to disconnect.”


“This is an excellent introduction to RVing and a suitable holiday gift for those who are considering the RV lifestyle.”

—Escapees Magazine

“Perfect for the RVer on your gift-giving list Living the RV Life is jam-packed with full-color photos and practical information to help anyone hit the road and enjoy the RV lifestyle.”

—Great Lakes Camper

“WOW is it packed full of good information….This book … would be invaluable for somebody who is in the ‘serious preparation’ phase of starting a nomadic life.”


“This book has … an inspirational, get out there and do it, kind of feel.”

—Winnebago Life

“Both aspirational and practical Living the RV Life is a terrific guide for people of all ages looking to downsize, travel, or work on the go.”

—RV Travel

5. Motorhome and RV Retirement Living

Cover photo of book Motorhome and RV Retirement Living- The Most Enjoyable and Least Expensive Way to Retire
Cover photo of book Motorhome and RV Retirement Living- The Most Enjoyable and Least Expensive Way to Retire
AuthorJerry Minchey
PublisherStony River Media; 1 edition
Pages210 pages (Paperback)

About The Author

Jerry Minchey has written many books related to the RVing lifestyle and also about retirement living. He has a Bachelors’s degree in Electrical Engineering, an MBA from USC, and OPM degree from Havard Bussiness School. Jerry lives in his 34 foot Class A motorhome full time. He is also the founder and editor of the website

About The Book

This book is for people who are retired or are going to retire, then this book is a must-read for them. In this book, Jerry Minchey has gone through topics such as:

  1. What it is like living full-time in an RV?
  2. What kind of RV you should have?
  3. Can you afford an RV lifestyle?
  4. Can you drive an RV?
  5. What is the cost of an RV?
  6. RV Buying tips for beginners
  7. How to find the best campgrounds?
  8. What is boondocking?
  9. How to tow a car?
  10. Mail, internet, legal residence, healthcare, and lots more.

6. The Complete Book of Boondock RVing

Cover photo of the book The Complete Book of Boondock RVing- Camping Off the Beaten Path
AuthorBill Moeller
PublisherInternational Marine/Ragged Mountain Press; 1st edition
Pages176 pages (Paperback)

About The Author

Bill Moeller is a full-time RVer for more than 3 decades. He has written many bestselling RV books. He also writes for a newspaper column.

About The Book

This book is for people who want to camp out in the wild. The author has presented the complete guide to camping without hookups (dry camping). He has given many tips as to how to spend overnight in a parking lot or in the wilderness. After reading  this book you will learn:

  1. How to equip your RV for boondocking?
  2. How to find great campsites?
  3. Conservation and management of electricity and water
  4. How to do a convenient RVing
  5. Establish communications.

7. RV Living in the 21st Century

Cover photo of the book RV Living in the 21st Century- The Essential Reference Guide for ALL RVers
Cover photo of the book RV Living in the 21st Century- The Essential Reference Guide for ALL RVers
AuthorPeggi McDonald
Pages296 pages (Hardcover)

About The Author

Peggie Mcdonald is from the Air Force and her husband is from the navy. After their retirement, they sold their house and started living as full-time RVers. They have 2 decades of experience in RVing and call North America their backyard.

About The Book

In this book, Peggie has shared her experience and addressed topics such as:

  1. Border crossing
  2. Types of campgrounds
  3. How to use the internet on the road?
  4. RV maintenance
  5. Traveling with pets
  6. How to make more living space?

8. Secrets of RVing on Social Security

Cover photo of the book Secrets of RVing on Social Security
AuthorJerry Minchey
PublisherStony River Media
Pages186 pages (Paperback)

About The Book

This is another book from Jerry Minchey, in which he writes about how you can travel across the country in your RV for far less money than living in your home. He has shown the readers in a step by step manner how they can enjoy the RV life rather than living in their home.

It tells about the people who are living in an RV full time and how you can do it on your own. The author has given his honest views on the cons and pros of it. This book is for those who are retired or willing to retire to live as a full-time RVer.

9. RVing, 4E (Outdoor Adventure Guide)

Cover photo of the book RVing, 4E (Outdoor Adventure Guide)
AuthorsBrent Peterson & April Maher
PublisherAlpha; 4th edition
Pages352 pages (Paperback)

About The Authors

Brent Peterson is a veteran RV writer and editor he is also the former editor of RV View and is editor-at-large for Woodall’s Publishing. April Maher writes about outdoor recreation in a monthly “Camping Journal” column.

About The Book

In this book you can read about:

  1. How to plan a perfect trip?
  2. Tips on maintaining the RV’s electrical, plumbing, and LP systems.
  3. How to deal with bad weather, accidents, breakdown, and other mishaps.
  4. Genuine tips on how to buy or rent an RV?
  5. Price and insurance

10. Best RV Tips

Cover photo of the book Best RV Tips from RVTipOfTheDay
Cover photo of the book Best RV Tips from RVTipOfTheDay
AuthorSteven Fletcher
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages212 pages (Paperback)

About The Author

Steven Fletcher has earned 4 service technician certificates from Domestic by completing their correspondence course. He has shared many maintenance tips over the years. From 2000 to 2004 he wrote a column called Curbside for RV Companion magazine.

About The Book

Steven Fletcher has written about these topics in this book that are very helpful:

  1. RV Care & Maintenance Tips
  2. RV Boondocking – Dry-Camping – Overnighting Tips
  3. RV Camping Tips/li>
  4. RV Park Reservation & Check-In Checklists
  5. RV Travel & Destination Tips
  6. RV Driving Tips
  7. RV Lifestyle Tips
  8. Work Camping Tips
  9. RV Accessories Tips
  10. RV Battery Tips
  11. RV Holding Tanks & Toilet Tips
  12. RV Fresh Water System Tips
  13. RV Electrical System Tips
  14. RV Refrigerator Tips
  15. Miscellaneous RV Tips
  16. Tips for RVing With Pets

There are more than 400 tips in this book that you can use.

11. RV Vacations (Outdoor Adventure Guide)

Cover photo of the book RV Vacations (Outdoor Adventure Guide)
AuthorsJeremy Puglisi & Stephanie Puglisi
Pages192 pages (Paperback)

About The Authors

Jeremy & Stephanie Puglisi are the host of the RV Family Atlas podcast. They are award-winning educators and writers who spend time in their RV with their 3 kids. They are also the author of a book named Acadia National Park Adventure Guide.

About The Book

This book covers some interesting topics such as:

  1. Information on how you can be safe on the road
  2. How you can book a space at the campgrounds
  3. Boondocking and getting ready for non-campground camping.
  4. How to choose a destination and how you can plan a perfect trip for yourself?
  5. list of top campgrounds in various regions
  6. 40 best RV vacations to the popular attractions in the USA which includes national and state parks, beach destinations.

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