Motorhome: A Brief Guide

Motorhome: A Brief Guide
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You must have seen a motorhome, it is used for traveling and for camping. We all love to travel and if we thinking of getting the comfort of somewhere like home then a motorhome is an option.

Let’s see, what is the difference between motorhome and campervan, features of motorhome, history and many other things about motorhome.


What is a motorhome?

A motorhome or a motorcoach is a type of recreational vehicle which can be used for living while moving it beside other things to the destination.


Features of a motorhome

There is sleeping space for 2 to 8 people in a motorhome. You will find these sleeping spaces called a berth. Most of the motorhomes have a fold-out sofa which comes out from the interior.

There is a kitchen in motorhomes which contains cooking equipment but it differs from manufactures or model. Generally, a kitchen has stovetop, oven, refrigerator and a sink.

In the luxury model, you will find more equipment such as a microwave. A motorhome also has a small bathroom with shower, toilet and sink facility.

Most of the motorhomes have cassette toilet which is a kind of portable toilet or container based toilet. Larger motorhome can have a separate shower cubicle.

A motorhome is a vehicle that’s why it has a cab area with a driver and a passenger seat. These seats can be changed to become a part of living space.

You will also find a dinner table with seating facility for a family get together. There is also a space for lounge which may include a shaped sofa for seating.

In many motorhomes, you will find a TV which can be used for entertainment purpose.



In 1910, a motor company name Pierce-Arrow motor company introduced a motorhome named Landau. [ref] [/ref]  The model had a cargo compartment for camping equipment and a toilet too.

During the 1920s the individual builders and manufacturers started converting panel trucks and buses for camping purpose. A pattern in those days was influenced by airplane, boats, and buses.

During world war 2 the RV production was stopped and did not resume till the 1950s. when the production of RVs started again this time the manufacturers were grafting the trailer bodies onto the truck or bus chassis.

This was Raymond Franks who gave these RVs their contemporary name of a motorhome. Frank first designed and built a motorhome for his family could take a vacation to Florida and the mid-west.

When other camper looked at the 27 feet motorhome they asked Frank to build them one too. This was the time when Frank opened frank motor Homes after selling seven motorhomes.



We can categories the motorhome into three board categories:

Class A (Integrated)

A class A motorhome is the most luxurious and expensive vehicles. The driving area integrates with a standard living space.

Class A motorhomes have a solid body made up of either fiber, plastic, metal or any other polymer. These type of motorhomes have a large window which is the specialty of these kind of class vehicles. Due to the large window, it is easier and comfortable to look at the outside, they provide a good view of the surroundings.

Another specialty of this kind of vehicle is this that the lounge can be converted to a sleeping berth or a dining area.


Class B (Semi-integrated)

These kinds of vehicles are referred to as a low profile or a semi-integrated motorhome. It is also manufactured as a Class C motorhome but there is no berth over the cab area.

Due to this, the overall height of the Class B motorhome is less than that of Class C motorhome. Generally, there is a fixed double bed in the back side of the vehicle.


Class C (Alcove)

Class C motorhome is also known as coach built. These are trailers or a caravan style body which is generally mounted over a truck or van chassis. You will find a double berth over the driving cab which is used for sleeping.


What motorhome is known as in different countries?

USA – Motorhome

UK – Motorhome

Germany – Wohnmobil

Sweden – Husbil

France – Camping-car

Italy – Camper (Class A motorhomes is known as a motorhome in Italy)

Spain – Auto Caravana

Portugal – Auto Caravana

Netherlands – Camper

Australia – Campervan

New Zealand – Campervan (layer motorhome is known as Housebus)



There are many types of motorhome layout available in the market. One of the best layout innovation was the development of the slide out or slide rooms. This was developed in 1999.

This type of slide-out extends to allow for a more living space while the vehicle is parked or retract while driving. In the beginning, the slideouts were considered a luxury thing but as time went on these became more and more common due to the larger space it provides.


What is the difference between a campervan and a motorhome?

The word motorhome is often used with American RV and campervans though the terms are not synonymous. Actually, the term RV (Recreational Vehicle) is a blanket term which is used for any mobile, temporary and dwelling vehicle.

Motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheel, and truck campers are all Recreational Vehicles.

Motorhomes are generally bigger than campervans and are also constructed differently. Campervans are used for mobility and low cost whereas motorhomes are luxurious and comfortable.

Campervans, generally do not have a built-in toilet and showers and do not have a divide between the living compartment and the cab.


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