Kelley Blue Book RV (Is There Any Kelley Blue Book)

Kelley Blue Book RV (Is There Any Kelley Blue Book)

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Buying a used RV is not easy that’s why Kelley Blue Book RV was consulted before purchasing, but now Kelly Blue Book only publish an automobile edition.

Kelley blue book does not publish RV or travel trailer edition so, what to do now.

There are other websites that publish guides and model comparison of RVs and travel trailers which can help you out. They are and They provide the same information as Kelley blue Book RV use to give.

So, before you buy a used RV or are trying to sell a used RV go through these websites as they will give you a general idea about the current market value of used RVs.

In this article, you can learn how to find accurate and good prices of RVs and travel trailers. Let’s dive in!


Pricing & Value Guides As Kelly Blue Book

1. NADA or National Automobiles Dealers Association

Formation: 1917

Founded at: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Legal Status: Trade Organization


NADA is an American trade organization that represents nearly 16,500 franchised new car and truck dealerships, both domestic and foreign. It monitors federal legislation and regulation affecting dealerships and also publishes forecasts and reports about automobile industry trends.

Its resources are similar to Kelley’s blue book used to be for RVs and travel trailers. You can find reliable information on this website about RVs and travel trailers because it is backed up by at least 16,500 dealerships.


2. RV Price Check By RVTrader


RVTrader is a premier online classified website for buying and selling RVs and travel trailers. It is a website where dealers and private sellers across the country sell their RVs.

It is a simple website to use and you can easily get a general idea of the price of any RV or travel trailer you may want to sell.

Other than seeking your RV you can also make extra money by renting out your RV, this is also a good way of making money through RV rental business.


How much does an RV depreciate per year?

When you drive off the RV from the dealership it depreciates 30% in value right off. Generally, another 10% in the first year and after that 6% each following year. To know the RV depreciation year-wise read the article below.

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How To Sell a Used RV or Travel Trailer

RVs and travel trailer value depreciate rapidly as cars, trucks, and any other vehicles. If you are aiming to get the highest value for the used RVs then you can follow the steps below.

1. Sell at the right time

If your RV does not have features for traveling in winter then you may want to wait a while before selling. The perfect time will be the spring or summertime when the demand for RVs shoots up. In winter too RVs are sold but you may not find a good deal as the sale is slow during this season.

This is the time when people are searching for RVs used or new and the dealerships are full of new orders. This time is fruitful when people are willing to pay higher prices for RVs.

Time of the year makes a big difference in the value of used RV, so, sell it at the right time to get a higher price value.

2. Keep your RV in tip-top condition

The overall price of the unit depends upon the present condition of the RV. If you can find problems in the RV then the buyers can too.

Look for any signs of mold growth, dent, dings, water damage, or rust. It will be better if you can spend some money on it before selling as it will return a larger amount later.

If buyers will find these problems they will surely try to lower the price which you may not want.

A good condition of the RV will give you the confidence to put the price that you want from the buyers.

Video: How To Sell Your RV – Tips and Tricks to get the most Money


3. Clean your RV thoroughly

You will not find any buyer if your RV is in a dirty condition. Potential buyers may not show their interest to buy it. In today’s world, outer appearance has more value than the inner one. No one will know how good is the engine or transmission.

So, even if your RV engine is not in good condition but the body looks fine it might attract buyers. I am not saying to fool a buyer but to make the appearance of the RV good. Buyers can find problems in it and will lower the price.

It is very much important to clean it, make it odor-free, and if possible an up to date maintenance. Start, from the outside, clean the outer body and then start cleaning it from inside. Clean the cabinet, drawers, carpet, ceiling, and walls.

Remove anything which does not belong to the RV. In this way, the RV will look clean and spacious. To make it odor free use fresheners. If you are not good at cleaning then take the help of professional cleaners.

Do not forget the roof, tires, and underneath of the RV!

Video: RV Simple and Easy Cleaning Tips And Tricks

4. Get the necessary paperwork

Valid paperwork will make a solid base for a good resell price. It is in good practice to provide the necessary papers to the buyer. User manual, buying receipt, and others that came with the new RV should be given to the person buying it.

If you have a summary of all the maintenance work done on the RV then keep that with yourself ready. You can also include all the miles towed by the travel trailer with you. This will build confidence in your buyer that they are buying genuine thing for a genuine seller. If you provide all these the buyer will know that you have taken good care of the rig as you have many details ready.

Sharing the current fuel economy and any future maintenance will also help to build trust with the buyer.

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5. Good looking photographs

Do you know? That if you want to sell a house at a good price then two things can help you out.

First, painting the house and second organizing the furniture. It helps because it looks beautiful when you paint your house and when you organize the furniture in the house, it looks spacious and organized.

The same is with RV, paint it well and remove unwanted things from it and take good pictures. You do not need an expensive camera for this, these days smartphone cameras are enough but you need some tricks to click good looking pictures.

Organize all things inside the RV such as tables, cupboard, make the bed, keep the things in order in the kitchen, and bathroom. Now you can click some awesome pictures!

Video: 6 Mobile Photography Tips you must know – 2018


6. Find the right selling price

This step is extremely important as to what should be the resell price of the RV. The step is tricky as you do not have any idea of selling an RV especially if you are on your first time.

Don’t be emotional or over-excited about it as you may be expecting a larger price which is not valid.

This is the time when websites like NADA and RVTrader comes in rescue. Use these websites to get an idea about the valid price of the RV and keep the price slightly above it.

Keeping the price above the market price is better but does not keep it lower than the market price. Good research is important here to know the real market value of your rig.

You can use websites like NADA, RVTrader, eBay, and Craiglist to compare prices. You can even ask the insurance company, bank, RV dealers for an accurate result.

7. Decide where to sell your RV

There are four ways to sell the RV they are: local, online, and through an RV dealer and Rv broker. Let’s look at them one by one.

1. Local

This is not the best idea to sell your RV but you never know where your potential buyer is at this time. Your RV needs exposure so provide it the same.

There are few ways to show off your RV locally:

  1. You can park your RV in a busy market with a FOR SALE sign on it.
  2. Give ads in the local newspapers, cable news, and magazine.
  3. Take your RV to local campgrounds and RV parks and find a customer.
  4. Use your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tell your friends that you are selling your RV and need a buyer for it.

2. Online

There are four ways to sell RV online.

1. Online Auction

Sites like eBay motor can be used to sell the RV online through auction.

2. RV Forums

There are many Forum dedicated to selling RV online.

3. Facebook Groups

You can easily find Facebook groups which are dedicated to selling and buying RVs of all type.

Video: How to Sell Your RV Yourself on Facebook Live

4. Classifieds

At last, there are classifieds where you can try selling the RV.

3. RV Dealers

RV dealers can sell the RV in a quick and easy manner. You can also try trade in the old RV for a new one or you can just sell the RV. One thing which you must remember is that selling the RV through RV Dealer may give you less money because they will take a commission.

4. RV Broker

You can find RV dealers all over the USA and generally they work independently. Yes, they take a percentage of the price for selling but you can rest and relax if you do not have any other way of selling your used RV.


8. Tell The Truth

There is no need to tell unnecessary things to the buyer. Especially lying about the RV. This may distract potential buyers as they might find out the truth.

Be confident as a salesman, tell those things which they ask, and avoid speaking too much. Let the buyer inspect in his own way and then tell them about the good things with some bad ones which may build trust with the buyer. Welcome them when they first arrive, talk politely, and with confidence.

Video: RV Sales Training – The Difference Between Tellers & Sellers


Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

Q1. Is there a Kelley Blue Book for RVs?

A1. No, there is no such thing as Kelley Bluebook for RVs. Kelley blue book used to publish their own RV and travel trailer edition but now they only publish an automobile edition. But, there are many websites which work like Kelley blue book, websites such as and can give you the same information.

Q2. How much is an RV worth?

A2. RVs can cost you between $10,000 to $500,000 depending upon the models and manufacturers. Class A, B, C motorhomes and fifth wheels are expensive while travel trailers and pop up tent trailers are way cheaper.

Q3. Are NADA RV prices accurate?

A3. No, NADA RV prices are not accurate as every RV sells at a different price. NADA website can be used to get a general idea about the market. Two RVs of the same model and year and brand will have different prices. This happens due to the present RV condition. Take for example if the first RV was not used much and the second was used full time then the condition of the RV body, engine, and tire will be different. Price also depends upon the RV maintenance as to how much resell value you may get by selling it. So, use the website to get an idea about the market only.

Q4. How many miles do RVs last?

A4. Generally, with reasonable care, RV can last for 200,000 to 300,000 miles. But it will require maintenance and care. It is in best practice to change vehicle parts especially moving ones such as tires, engine parts, and axle time to time. This will increase the life of the RV overall without hampering the other parts will are in touch of wear and tear parts. You can make a 5 years old RV to look 25 years old without maintenance or 25 years old as 5 years old through regular maintenance and care.

Q5. Can you negotiate RV prices?

A5. Yes, obviously you can negotiate RV prices. Whether you are in a dealership or buying from the individual. Chances are there that you can get the RV on your term if you speak about it. Do not hesitate to speak at the right time. Always ask for a discount as the person or dealership trying to sell the RV might give you a discount if you ask it first.

Q6. What is the most expensive RV?

A6. Elemment Palazzo Superior is the most expensive RV in the world. It is built by Marchi mobile and it is 45 feet long. Some of its special features include a king-size bed, rainfall shower, and an expandable roof deck.


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