How To Unclog RV Toilet: 4 Methods

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No one wants a clogged RV toilet!

If you somehow face this problem then also you do not need any fancy tools to unclog the toilet. Most of the time simple steps can solve the problem.

There are tricks that people use all the time to unclog their toilet fast and easily.

Let us see how to unclog RV toilet by 4 methods and how you can avoid clogging in the future!

Boiling Water

This method is talked about a lot!

If you search Youtube or RV forums you can find many people talking about how they fix their toilets by just pouring boiling water in the pot.

And it really works!!!

To unclog your RV toilet, boil water and drain it in the toilet. Pour at least 3 large pots of boiling water so that the water reaches the pipes fully.

Leave it overnight so that the hot water does its job by loosening anything that is clogging the pipes.

Another trick that people do is to drive the RV so that everything mixes up well.  

It is the safest and the first thing to do before using chemicals or anything else.

Warning: This trick may fill your camper with a sewer smell for some time, so close the toilet door and open its window so that the smell does not stay long.

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Flexible Tank Wand

This is the second option that you can try.

A flexible toilet tank wand reaches down towards the holding tanking clearing away anything in between.

You have to connect it with the RV faucet open the knob and insert the wand into the toilet bowl.

It makes a high-pressure spray that helps in breaking the clog.

Ice Cube Method

Ok, I have never tried this method but hear it often from the fellow RVers.

Fill the toilet bowl with 1/3 water and pour a large amount of ice cube so that it fills the toilet bowl.

Now flush the toilet and drive the RV for some time.

Holding Tank Cleaner or De-Clogging Cleaner

Using chemical cleaners should be the last option to unclog an RV toilet.

To use the chemical cleaner first fill the toilet sink half full and add the cleaner. Let it settle for a couple of hours before flushing it down for the best results. You can also drive the RV for better unclogging.

There are different types of uncloggers such as black tanks treatment or cleaners which can clean the tissue clog.

Try the methods discussed above and see which one is the best method for you.

Tips for Preventing RV Toilet Clogs in the Future

Down below are the preventive measures that you can take to avoid future RV toilet clogs. The steps are simple and easy to follow.

Keep Black Tank Closed Until You Dump It

Keeping the black tank closed before you dump the waste is an excellent way of avoiding clogging.

When you keep open the valve it allows the solid to build up in the tank. As result, the water is not given enough time to soften the waste which dries up and clogs the tank output.

Over time the dried waste keeps blocking the incoming waste resulting in a complete clog.

The best thing will be to let the tank fill before you dump.

Only Use RV Toilet Paper

Toilet paper made for RVs is better than the common residential toilet paper used in households.

Where ordinary toilet paper does not dissolve rapidly the RV toilet paper dissolves mush faster and prevents clogging the toilet pipes and tanks.

Also do not dispose of sanitary products especially in the RV toilet where water use is not so much as it is in the houses.

Use more water than toilet paper

If you are having a toilet clogging issue more often then it is the problem with toilet use.

Cut down the use of tissue paper to half and double the use of water and see the results.

Using less toilet paper and more water is often considered a good practice. Use a garbage bin where you can throw the tissue paper instead of the toilet bowl.

Flush Often

Water is the best option to prevent clogging. Some people suggest flushing twice after use. But if the water is not easily available flushing once is mandatory.

Some people try to save water by avoiding flushing which is the primary reason for a clogged toilet. When you flush, the water pressure removes all the waste from the toilet bowl and pipe towards the holding tank.

You can also use boiling water once a month or two to avoid clogging.

Another way of eliminating RV toilet clogs is by investing in Composting toilets and Incinerator toilets.

Use RV Waste Tank Treatments

RV waste Tank treatment is another way to prevent toilet clogs. It helps in breaking down the waste easily and also prevents bad smells.

Otherwise, the waste does not breakdown easily which can dry up and can clog the tank output.

Clean Your Black Tank Regularly After Dumping It

Cleaning the black tank regularly after you dump it is the best preventive measure that you can take from your end.

A clean tank after every dump will not create future clogs. And the good thing is that many RVs have a built-in black tank flush inlet from where you can connect a hose and rinse the black tank.

If there is no such mechanism then you can use the toilet flush. Use multiple flushes to clean the tank and the pipes thoroughly.

Or you can use products that use high-pressure water to clean the black tank like this one.

Never Store an RV With A Dry Black Tank

If you are not sure about the black tank that is clean or not then do not store an RV with a dry black tank.

The accumulated waste can dry up and can cause possible clogging in the future.

If you are storing your RV for a long time then fill it half with water and use chemicals. This will dissolve the leftover waste and make the tank clean.

Video: RV Toilet Clogged? A DIY Fix For A Clogged RV Toilet


Most of the time RV toilet clogs due to insufficient water use or due to improper maintenance.

We hope that this article had informed you about how to unclog an RV toilet easily with the four methods.

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