How To Keep Tent Cool [23 Tips]

How To Keep Tent Cool [23 Tips]
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Summer is the perfect time for camping when most of the campers get out to find the best place it.

But for many it is also a problem as keeping their tent cool in summer is difficult.

So, we brought to you excellent tips to make your tent and yourself cooler.

Make the most of your summer camping trip this year with these cool tips to stay comfortable and cool, even when it is hot and humid.

Size Of The Tent

The size of the tent may not seem to influence the temperature of the tent but believe us it matters.

If two people are camping and will sleep in the tent then they need 2 person tent, but if more than 2 people will sleep in the same tent then you would need a bigger tent to avoid the heat.

In bigger tents, there is good air flow which keeps the tent cooler. A bigger tent is the solution for your heating tent.


Minimize, Number Of Person Sleeping In A Tent

When more people will sleep in the tent the hotter the tent would be. The reason for this is that every person leaves heat from their body so that also adds up and raises the temperature of the tent.

Air circulation in the tent will decrease due to the decrease in the volume of the free air inside the tent, which prevents the heat to escape from the tent.

When few people will sleep, there will be sufficient air flow in the tent and fewer people will add less heat from their body.

Tent Design

Know the pros and cons of the tent design, because tent design has a great influence on the inside temperature of the tent.

A good design will ensure that the vents can be manually opened up and also propped up. This can decrease the condensation inside your tent.

Tents also have a rainfly which is useful to prevent sunshine from causing the inside of the tent to warm up.

The rainfly tents have two walls which will be sufficient for air circulation which will bring a cooling effect to your tent.

Look if your tents have windows or not, because it is vital for air circulation. Even when many people will sleep inside the tent you can open the windows to bring the temperature down to cool the tent.

Choose a light color tent as lighter colors can reflect more heat as compared to dark color.


Breathable Tent

Breathable tents allow good air circulation which is important to keep them cool. During summer, try to camp in a 2 season tent.

The best breathable tents are those which have windows and are made up of light material. Tent made up of cotton or linen material will be better than nylon and polyester during summer. Cotton is a more breathable material.

Cotton tents cause less condensation which makes it perfect for camping during summers.

If there is no rainfall then you can remove the rainfly to prevent heat from trapping in the tents.

The tent material is an important factor here as it can allow air normal flow. There should be at-least two windows for proper ventilation.


Use A Reflective Sunshade

Reflective sunshade can come very handy in cooling the tent. These type of covers can reflect the sunlight back to the sky, leaving anything under their shadow that is much cooler.

You can block the sunlight to make your camping area cool. These sunshades allow you to sleep in even when the sun is in the sky.

You must have experienced the sauna effect when to try to sleep in the tent during sunlight, sunshades will prevent it.

The best way to use the sunshade is to place it above the tent, leave at least 1-foot space between the top of the tent and sunshade. This will ensure a better airflow over the tent.

Sunshade can be of any material and not only reflective material. You can use a tree or a pole to tie the shade above your tent.


Try To Disassemble Tent During Daytime

When it is hot during the day, the tent acts like a greenhouse by absorbing the sun heat and storing it during the day.

No material is useful in direct exposure to sunlight. Nylon and polyester tents become worse to enter in. It is better to take down your tent during day time to prevent it from storing heat.

This will also increase the life of the tent and you can use it for a longer time. When you get up in the morning, disassemble the tent and assemble it again when the sun is down.


Set Up Tent In The Shade

If you find a camping spot in the shade during summer, that’s wonderful. Trees will absorb the sunlight and will keep your tent cool.

Be sure to know the sun path during daytime to ensure, the shade is on your tent for all day long.


Mesh Tents Are Good

Mesh tents are excellent as they protect you from insect bite as well as allows the breeze to pass through it, making it cooler.

During summer, choose a tent with a lot of mesh as it will ensure air circulation and will make the tent more breathable.


Use Poncho Liner Beneath The Tent

During summer time the ground absorbs more heat which can penetrate into your tent which causes heating in the tent.

A poncho liner is a useful thing as this will not let the heat from the ground to penetrate inside your tent. Always place poncho liner right under the tent to make your tent cool.


Dig Small Pit To Place Your Tent

If you do not find a shade, do not have sunshades and have a polyester tent and you want to be comfortable then dig a pit.

A pit should be 2 feet deep inside the ground. As you know the ground below is always cooler than the ground above, so place your tent in that pit to let ground do the cooling work for you.

It will be hard work but will ensure you rest in the cooler tent.


Set Up Tent Away From Crowd

Where there is a crowd there is heat so, try to place your tent away from the crowd to get a little cooling effect for yourself and for a tent too.


Use The breeze

Wind is natural air conditioning, use it for cooling your tent. The best position for your tent is to place its entrance towards winds.

Make sure to open all your tent windows all day long for a better air conditioning.

To make sure the direction of the wind try these things:

  1. Ask local people
  2. Use weather apps
  3. Wet your finger and hold it up in the air, the cold side will indicate the direction of the wind.
  4. Take some paper or soil and throw it up and watch the direction of it.


Consider The Time

Always set up your tent when the sun is down and take it down when the sun rises up.

This will prevent heating of the tent and will ensure that you sleep in comfort.


Use Portable Fan

Portable fans are good option to cool off your tent. A good fan is of lightweight, quiet, portable and able to attach itself on the floor or wall of the tent.

Use a portable fan which has a foam blade as there is less room in the tent for safety. Make sure to recharge it and carry extra batteries.


Use Hammock

Hammocks are a really cool thing and much cooler when you are struggling in the heat. If you are camping near trees then tie a hammock between them.

But there are some drawbacks of using a hammock in open let’s see how to tackle them.

Type of hammock – a right hammock is essential to avoid problems. A good sleeping hammock should have plenty of fabric to stretch out. It should be lightweight too.

Insects – to keep away the mosquitoes and insect use bug spray or bug net.

Positioning – sleeping in a hammock can be unhealthy for your back. To avoid this problem and to lie flat – lie diagonally in it. If you have not tried this then try it to see the results.

Rain – you can tie a tarp above your hammock to avoid getting wet in the rain.


Wear Light Colored Clothes

By natural laws, dark color clothing absorbs heat and light-colored clothing reflects heat. Pack only light color clothes to avoid absorbing heat. They are much better to keep you cool during the daytime.

With color, it is also important to choose light materials such as cotton and linen. People of middle east wear light color clothes that are loose-fitting and breathable.

If you are not wearing full sleeves then make sure to apply plenty of sunscreens.


Do Not Use Sleeping Bags

During hot weather, it is not a good idea to pack sleeping bags. Even the best available summertime sleeping bags will trap heat and will become uncomfortable.

It is better to pack cotton sheets instead of sleeping bags, you can place it on a mattress pad. It will provide warmth for comfort and will be good for air circulation.

If you have a sleeping bag then sleep over it not inside it.

Pack Frozen Water

This is one of the coolest hacks of all to pack jugs of frozen water. If you are car camping then you can bring many of them to try the following methods.

Cooler Ice – you can use it in the cooler, as it will melt, it will cool the surrounding.

They turn Into Drinking Water – when these jugs ice will melt they will turn into the water which you can use to drink. They remain safe to drink.

Air Conditioner At Night – during the night you can use these frozen water jugs in many ways to keep yourself cool. Place the jugs in front of the fan to see the cooling effect.


Use portable AC

If you are camping where you get the facility of electricity then you can carry portable AC with you. This is the number one way to cool the entire tent.


Use Towel Or Sheet

If you want to get rid of heat from the tent you can use a towel or a sheet to do it. Sock that towel in the water and hang that on the door to see how it will start cooling inside of the tent.

You can also hang it inside the tent and open all the doors and windows to make it more efficient.

There is one another use of this towel, you can soak it in water and when you feel the heat just put in one your forehead.

The high specific heat of the water will allow it to suck up the heat out from your skin to give a cool feeling instantly. When you feel it is not working just flip in over to enjoy the coolness again.

You can also use a shirt instead of a towel or sheet.


Take Shower Before Going To Sleep

If you find a shower facility or a water body near your camp try to take a bath before sleeping in a tent.

This is an awesome way to remain cool in the tent when it is hot outside. You will feel comfortable and will be able to fall asleep more easily.


Sleep When Sun Is Down

During the sun is out your tent will be a greenhouse if it is not in the shade. Sleeping during the dark time will be a better option if you are camping in the hot.

Remember the farther north you are, the earlier the sun will rise each day, the further south you are, the hotter it is likely to get. You have to balance these two important factors to make a good sleeping schedule.



Water is perhaps the most important thing for camping. It is vital for thirst and for cooling too.

Our body is 70 % water so, if it is getting lost we have to replenish it with drinking a lot of water. Remember some people feel warmer than others.

so if you will hydrate yourself well then you will feel cooler than anybody else.


Wrapping Up

So far you have read these tips which will surely make your tent cooler. It will be helpful to those who love camping and does it a lot.

Now there is no excuse for camping during the most warmer month of the year. There are many other ways to make a tent cooler, which you might have explored during your camping time. Use all these tips and hacks to camp in comfort.


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