How To Fold A Pop Up Tent [Easy Guide]

How To Fold A Pop Up Tent [Easy Guide]
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Folding a popup tent is easy if you know how to do it properly. Pop up tents are popular because they are quick and easy shelters.

You need a little knowledge about folding techniques and you can re-pack a pop-up tent in a couple of minutes like a pro. know about the parts of a camping tent to better understand what the parts are used for.

Let’s see what are the steps involved in folding pop up tent.


1. Preparing your tent by ensuring that it is completely dry

You have to ensure that the tent is dry enough to re-pack it in the bag because then it can odor.

If it had rained and the tent is wet then leave the tent to air dry. If there is sunlight then turn the wet side towards the sun to speed up the drying process.

You can also use a clean dry cloth to dry it. Touch and see whether the inside of the tent is dry enough to be repacked. Look for the dirt and mud that can stick to the tent and make it dirty. Take a cloth or a sponge with a bar of mild soap to clean it off.

If you have to pack the tent in a wet condition then make sure to dry it after reaching home as soon as possible.

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2. Brush off dirt and mud

It is a good idea to clean the tent as much as you can this will increase its life span and will remain new for many years.

For this, clean the tent as much as possible before packing it away. You can use a cloth, tent brush, snow brush, broom or a sponge to remove small rocks, dirt, sticks, insects and other debris from the tent. Clean the inside and outside of the tent for proper cleaning.


3. Keep in the air before packing

It is better to ensure that the tent is completely dry so, leave it in the open air for an hour.

If there will be moisture then the tent after packing will leave an odor and can breed mold. To avoid all these open the tent doors and windows so that it can dry as soon as possible.


4. Remove the stakes out of the ground

To pack your tent you have to pull out the stakes from the ground. Pull out the metal stakes from the ground so that the tent can be folded. Wipe the stakes to ensure they are clean too before packing them inside the bag.


5. Remove the tarp or rain fly

Many tents come with a rain fly or a trap to protect the tent from water and wind. This also creates additional shade for the tent. They are mostly made up of waterproof material.

Remove the tarp of the tent, clean it thoroughly before folding it and keeping it in the bag.

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6. Take two opposite side of the tent and fold it

Now, it’s time to fold up the pop up tent. Stand on one side of the pop-up tent, perpendicular to the tent door. You will find two high arches that create the top point of the tent.

You have to grab these two points and bring them down together withholding them in one hand.


7. Grab the back end of the tent

Now with another hand to grab the smaller arch at the top of the back of your tent. You have to bring it to meet the two points which you were holding till now. Grab all these three points with one hand now.


8. Bring the front arch to meet the other two points

Open the tent door of the tent to let air escape as you fold the tent. You can do it by unzipping the door.

After this, you have to grab the top of the arch that is sitting over the door. Do it with your free hand, then fold the front side of the tent inwards towards the rest of the tent.

Your tent shape will look like a taco.


9. Stand the tent upright and fold it inwards

Now it’s time to turn the tent upward so that it will be easy for the next steps. Grab the arches with your free hand.

When the tent is in an upright position then with another hand push the highest point of the tent downward. At this time the tent should be closing in on itself with the arches in your other hand remaining on the outside.


10. Twist the tent to form two circles

By this time your tent should be folded downwards. Now twist the tent slightly so that the arches make two circular shapes which will be side by side.

At this time you have to pull one circle over the other so that it may overlap it. You have to line up the edges so that the tent is folded neatly.


11. Secure it

You will find an attachment that will keep the tent from popping up once again once it has been folded. Secure it by snapping it. If your tent does not have these feature then you can use a rope to tie the tent.


12. Put the tent in the bag

Now insert the packed pop-up tent inside the bag, if you have done a good job of folding it well then it will easily fit inside the bag. Now zip the bag to carry it anywhere.


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