How Much Does It Cost To Rent An RV 2021?

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How much does it cost to rent an RV?

Look, renting an RV also includes some hidden costs such as cleaning fees, insurance, gas, mileage, amenities, etc.

There are many RV rental companies out there and the price of renting an RV varies depending upon the types of RV, location, and RV rental companies.

In this article, I have mentioned what you need to consider before renting and how can you save money on it.

Here what I have found researching online.

On Average, How Much Does It Cost To Rent An RV?

The average cost of renting an RV depends upon companies and types of RVs, generally, you can aspect the price as below:

  1. Class A: $200 – $275 per night (10 year older or more); $350 – $450 per night (new)
  2. Class B: $100 – $250 per night (10 year older or more); $200 – $350 per night (new)
  3. Class C: $175 – $250 per night (10 year older or more); $225 – $400 per night (new)
  4. Travel Trailer: $65 – $125 per night (10 year older or more); $125 – $250 per night (new)
  5. Fifth Wheel: $175 – $275 per night (10 year older or more); $150 – $350 per night (new)
  6. Pop-up Trailers: $60 – $125 per night
  7. Toy Haulers: $75 – $200 per night
  8. Recreational Vans: $50 – $175 per night

The rental price will go up with the luxury and amenities. It is also better to keep in mind that never two RVs are the same, despite model, make, and location. The price will change from renter to renter.

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Types Of RV Rental Companies

All RV rental companies are not the same they differ by their RV rental model. Let’s find out what is it!

1. Peer to Peer RV Rental Companies

peer to peer Rv rental companies are like middlemen in the deal between you and the RV owner. Outdoorsy and RVshare are these types of companies, here RV owners list their RVs for rent. These companies help you out through their website to find out these owners.

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2. Corporate RV Rental companies

Corporate RV rental companies have a large fleet of RVs that they use for rent. Generally, renting from these types of companies is a bit expensive but with added features and comfort. Cruise America is one such example.

3. RV Rental Marketplace Sites

These types of companies consolidate RV rental companies online.

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How To Rent An RV Online?

Renting an RV online is easy, I have shown down below how easy it is. For example, I have shown it on the Outdoorsy website.

Follow these steps to rent an RV from the Outdoorsy website.

  1. Go to Outdoorsy Website Visit
Outdoorsy Website Screenshot (1)

2. Enter the location where it is written (Where will your adventure start). For example, I have entered Florida. As you will type the location name it will start auto-suggesting you the names.

Outdoorsy Website Screenshot (2)

3. Enter the pick-up date and Drop off date as shown in below

Outdoorsy Website Screenshot (3)

4. Click the search button

Outdoorsy Website Screenshot (4)

5. Now a new page will open, with the list of RVs for rent. You can further narrow down the list through filters. Like now I want only 5th wheel RVs to be shown so, to do that I have to select the vehicle type button.

Outdoorsy Website Screenshot (5)

6. A new box will open up and I have to select the desired RV. You can select your own.

Outdoorsy Website Screenshot (6)

7. I have selected the Fifth wheel

Outdoorsy Website Screenshot (7)

8. Now click apply button

Outdoorsy Website Screenshot (8)

9. The new page will start showing the search results with Fifth wheels only. Like, this way you can further narrow down the search result with Sleeps (Number of people), Price, Delivery, and More filter

Outdoorsy Website Screenshot (9)

List of RV Rental Companies

Down below is the list of RV rental companies in the USA with links to their official websites.

  1. RV Rental USA: Visit Website
  2. Outdoorsy: Visit Website
  3. RVshare: Visit Website
  4. USA RV Rentals: Visit Website
  5. Cruise America: Visit Website
  6. El Monte RV: Visit Website
  7. Escape campervans: Visit Website
  8. Motorhome Bookers: Visit Website
  9. Jucy: Visit Website
  10. Road Bear RV Rentals and Sales: Visit Website
  11. Expedition Motor Homes: Visit Website
  12. Motorhome Republic: Visit Website
  13. Apollo RV Rentals: Visit Website

What Are The Factors That Determines The RV Rental Prices?

  1. Type Of RV: this is the biggest factor in deciding the cost of renting an RV. As you may know, some kind of RVs are: Class A, Class B, Class C, Popup trailers, travel trailers, and fifth wheel. All these RVs are of different lengths and comes with different amenities and luxury features. So, when you select a bigger RV with lots of features its adds up to the renting price. If you are for a trip with fewer people then choosing a bigger one is not a good option so keep in mind the actual need.
  2. Location: location also has a role in setting the renting price. If you are in a big city then chances are that you would get lots of options for an RV that you want. This creates competition and the prices are lowered. The same RV in a rural location might ask for a higher price than the urban area but, that is not always the case.
  3. Season: if you are trying to rent an RV during the peak of the season then you may not get a lower price. There is a competitive demand for it and it increases the cost of renting. During the off-season, the prices are always low.
  4. Company: yet another factor in deciding the prices as there are different types of companies. Where a peer-to-peer RV renting company may cost you the less and corporate type of company will ask for a higher price.
  5. Camping Festival: this is a rare chance but you may be renting an RV, near some RV festival or other kinds of a festival where people like to go in an RV. There can be a sudden hike in the renting price near that location. So, next time you see an unusual price hike then it can be the possible reason for that.

Other Fees & Prices To Consider

When you rent an RV there are different fees that are included in the final price of the RV rental. These fees and prices are described in detail below:

  1. Cleaning Fee: this fee is not mandatory with every renter as you can clean the RV before returning it to avoid such a fee if any. Generally, the charge for cleaning is $50 – $200 depending upon the renter and the size of the RV. People find it harder to clean the RV after a long trip, so keep things in their proper place to avoid cleaning later.
  2. Delivery/Setup fees: again this is not the situation with every RV rental company. Few of them will charge you around $100 – $200 one time depending upon the distance and size of the RV. They will deliver the RV for you and also, set it up for you.
  3. Fuel Cost: the rental companies will charge you a fuel cost, which means they will expect you to return the vehicle with the same tank level before renting. If you fail to refuel it then they can charge you anywhere around $25 to $50, depending upon the size and location.
  4. Gas Mileage: There are two types of RV rental companies one that will provide unlimited mileage on the vehicle and others will charge you extra money for every mile. Some companies also provide free miles but with every mile, after that, you have to pay between $0.25 to $1.00 per mile. So, if your trip is for 1000 miles and your first 100 mile was free then the mileage cost will be 1000-100=900 miles, 900 x $0.25= $225 and 900 x $1.00= $900. So, it will be between $225 to $900 depending upon the cost. This is the cost that many RVers never expect but it sums up to a huge amount.
  5. Sales Tax: this is the tax which is taken by the government. It differs from country to country and state to state.
  6. Security Deposit: this money is a security deposit that is taken by the company prior to the trip. You can expect a $500 to $5,000 security deposit depending upon the type of RV. This money is returned to you after you return the vehicle. If the RV is damaged then you can expect the repairs to come from the security deposit. The money can be held until the company has restored the vehicle.
  7. Insurance: yes, the insurance fee is included with the daily rental price. You can also include additional insurance to cover the costs of unforeseen incidents such as damage protection insurance, and trip insurance. Trip insurance is what protects you by obtaining a refund if there is an emergency where you are required to return the rental, early. Damage protection insurance will protect you from any damage done to the RV during the trip. I will recommend you to have Damage Protection Insurance especially if you rent a luxury RV.

These are the fee that is included with the RV rent. All the prices stated above will vary depending upon your selected RV rental company, location, type of RV, and state.

Tips For Saving Money On Renting An RV

You can save a ton of money by doing some research and by following the points, mentioned below.

  1. Selecting the right RV: RV is an abbreviated word for the recreational vehicle and that includes many types of vehicles. So, RV rental depends upon the type of RV, such as rent for a Class A motorhome will cost you more than a fifth wheel. If you are on a trip with a few people then there is no need for a large RV. Choose the correct one for you to save a ton of money.
  2. Selecting an older model: older models if in good condition can provide you the same type of comfort as a new one, leaving few exceptions. If you are renting an RV that is not shiny then the price of rent can be lower.
  3. Selecting the RV rental company: as discussed above there are three types of RV rental companies, generally, peer-to-peer companies provide cheaper renting.
  4. Look at the amenities: sometimes the rental companies can provide extra benefits that you may not need such as multiple TVs, luxury beds, great dining, and others. If you are out for a trip then you may leave some luxury to save money. Keep your requirements simple! Here is the list of items and features that I do not consider luxury, Bathroom, fridge, microwave, AC, and showers.
  5. Research: this is the best way to find out the correct rental. You can do some research with some RV rental companies. Compare the prices with different websites to get the best deal.

Video: Tips For Renting An RV

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