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Parts of a Camping Tent [The Guide]

If you have gone to the campsite you may tell by looking at the pitchers which ones are experienced campers and which ones are new ones. Many people do not know the name of different parts of a tent and what they are meant for. So, we in this article bring to you the information regarding different parts of the tent. Parts of a tent 1. Vestibule / Porch All family tents and car camping… Read More »Parts of a Camping Tent [The Guide]

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How To Keep Tent Warm [29 Tips]

Whether you are in a snow-covered mountain or a cold desert, the most spectacular sights will also not make up a cold night camping. You have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario in the freezing cold, the best way is to know how you can protect yourself from the cold during camping. In this article, you will come to know some hacks, tips, and gear information to keep yourself and your tent warm during… Read More »How To Keep Tent Warm [29 Tips]

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How to Buy a Good Quality Waterproof Tent?

A waterproof tent is an essential thing during camping as perfect weather prediction is still beyond human caliber. Especially, when you take your children to camp in open, where facilities are nearly zero or less. Look at these points before buying a tent to strongly evaluate the waterproofing qualities of the tent. So, let see different features of a tent which makes them waterproof and what you should consider. 1. Check The Zips The opening… Read More »How to Buy a Good Quality Waterproof Tent?