Camping Hacks [List of 38 Hacks]

Camping Hacks [List of 38 Hacks]

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Camping hacks are awesome as they make the camping easy and fun loving. Hacks are nothing but strategies and activities which cut short the need for many things into few or an idea which makes any work very easy.

After many years of practice and experience, you start inventing your own hacks and share with everyone.

Let’s see what hacks we have collected for you which every pro camper should know.


1. Lantern with a headlamp

Light is very important is camping as you will need it for studying, playing games and for many other things. If you want to make a bright lantern without bringing a heavy one from home then use this method.

Take a white plastic bottle and wrap the head strap around it. Make sure to face the light inward toward the bottle and turn it on. It will provide you bright and glowing light. Make sure to fill the bottle with water.


2. Prepare your food at home

When you prepare your meal at home you can save a lot of time and mess during camping. All this time can be used to enjoy the good moments of camping.

If you still want to cook at the campsite then make sure to cut and chop the required veggies before you leave the home. This hack will work if you are camping near your home.


3. Make a pillow with pillowcase and clothes

Space is a big problem with camping but you can use many hacks to cut it out. Like for instance you can take a pillowcase and fill it with some clothes and make a pillow.

This will ensure that you do not have to bring a pillow from home. This pillowcase can also work as a bag whenever you need it.


4. Duct tape bottle

By this hack, you will be able to find an essential thing in time and that thing is duct tape. Duct tape is an important piece of thing, especially while camping.

It can be used when there is a hole in your tent or you have to mend something. Just wrap a bit of duct tape around your water bottle so that you can easily find it in need.

Chances are that you will always keep the water bottle near you and you will also have the tape.


5. Smart Packing

There are two types of people in the world today, first, who pack their things and second, who packs their things in a smarter way.

While you are leaving for camping you must take essential things with you and without making your backpack heavier. If you want to save space then roll your shirts and stuff them inside your socks by which you can save a lot of space.


6. Camping handwashing

Hygiene is important while you are camping because medical care can be far away from you. You can make your own hand-washer by taking a large water bottle and fit a tap on the bottom side of the bottle.

You can also fix a paper towel and soap container to the side of the bottle with the help of a quick fix glue. Now fill the bottle with water and keep a liquid soap next to it. By fixing all things nothing will get lost.


7. Portable toilet

If you are not in a habit of going into the woods for the toilet then you have to make one for you. It is also good for children who do not have to leave the comfort of the tent.

For this hack, you will need a five-gallon bucket and a toilet seat. Take a toilet seat and fix it with quick fix glue on the top of the bucket. You will need to empty it of course but still, it is good.


8. Camping shower

You can make your own camping shower by using a large water jug. Take a water jug and make a hole on the top of it. Now place a shower through that hole and fix it with plumber glue.

Use a rope or a strap to tie the bottle on some branch of a tree and use this shower whenever you want to take a bath.


9. Use microfiber towel

A microfiber towel is lightweight and is more absorbent than a normal towel. They dry quickly that’s why you do not have to worry about growing mold and bad smell.

If you use these towels in place of paper towel you can also help the environment.


10. Portable oil lamp

Many times you will find that you need a light source during camping. If you run out of electric power then this will come handy.

For this, you will need a small glass or metal bottle with a cap. Find a bottle which has two caps one inside and then another on the outside. Make a hole in the inside cap and insert a cotton wick inside it.

Filled the bottle with any vegetable oil and close the cap. Whenever you need light then lit the wick.


11. Mini First Aid Kit

If you do not have a mini First Aid Kit then you can make for yourself. For this, you will need a small box. The size of the box will depend upon the things which you want to carry with yourself.

Then fill the box with:

  1. Cotton
  2. Antiseptic cream and lotion
  3. Stomach disorder medicines
  4. Bandage
  5. Cold and flu medicines
  6. Any other medicine prescribed to anyone

This will help you until the actual medical care arrives. It becomes important to take basic First Aid Kit if you have children or old person with you.


12. Protect your matchsticks

One of the biggest problems with camping can arrive when your match sticks don’t work due to moisture or any other reason. Pack your match sticks inside a small bottle and place the cap tight.

If you spill water on it then also your matchsticks will be safe. Also, try to keep sandpaper inside it. This will help you to ignite the stick if you lost the cover of the matchstick.


13. Doritos for kindling

Sometimes starting a fire can be a problem and this can be a mess. Firestarter is expensive too so leave them and use Doritos instead.

They are dense, oily corn chips and are also very easy to fire and it last for a long time. They are ideal kindling thing for starting a fire. Try it once and you will love it. You can also use cardboard egg carton and regular charcoal. Remember foam cartons won’t burn.


14. Portable fire starter

Cotton pads are also good for starting a fire as you will need to dip it in a melting wax candle. It is easier to start a fire with it than with charcoal or lighter fluid.


15. Repel insects

Campsites are often filled with insects and mosquitoes. They can be dangerous as some bite and some spreads diseases.

So, to keep them away you can use a box of dryer sheets. They are very good for your clothes and linen as they keep their smell fresh. It is useful in repelling various kinds of insects.

You have to keep them in your pocket or lay it somewhere inside the tent.


16. Use small containers for spices

When you are camping you do not want your food to be bland. You can pack different kinds of spices in small containers as they do not take much space and due to secure seal, they do not spill.


17. Use a compact cooking set

Whenever space is an issue then you must look for a compact cooking set and mess kit. These cooking sets are durable, easily stack, multipurpose (which saves lots of space) and it is also easy to clean up – repacking easier.


18. Easy pot and pan holder

This hack is easy as you have to take an old belt and use a few hooks. You can tie this belt around a tree trunk and leave your utensils to dry. This is a better place to dry your pans and storing your pots while you are camping.


19. Tin can grill

If you need a grill in the middle of nowhere then, there is a trick for that. For this hack, you will need a tin can which you have to slice the body of the can to make it as a grill.

Fill in charcoal and fire it up to cook burgers, hot dogs and whatever you want to grill.


20. Make your shoes waterproof

It is better to make your shoes waterproof as it will keep them dry and you will not waste time drying them up. To make it waterproof you have to apply beeswax compound on it.

It will keep your shoes and feet dry and will prevent the shoes from becoming stinky due to water.


21. Treat bug bites

If you have ever suffered from a bug bite then you may know the pain. Your deodorant can come out handy as it is great medicine for it.

Just apply it on the bug bite or any itchy place and see how it effectively stops the itching.


22. Orange candle

Yes, orange or any citrus fruit can be converted into a candle. For this, you have to cut the orange into half and take out oranges from it leaving the outer cover of it.

Now pour some vegetable oil in it and lit the wick. Not just it helps to light up the tent but also it smells wonderful.


23. Use ice block for air cooler

If you have an air cooler then consider buying a large ice block because it has less surface area than the individual ice cube. That’s why it will melt slowly.

You can also add some salt as the impurity in ice increases its melting temperature.


24. Contact lens cases for lotion

You can use a contact lens case to store lotion in it. You can also store any form of lotion in it as this will save a lot of space.


25. Make soap slices

Many time the soap get lost while camping and this can create a hygiene problem as we need it for different reasons.

You can save yourself from this mess by peeling off the soap by a vegetable peeler. This will save you money and from a huge mess.


26. Sage for mosquitoes

If you are struggling with the mosquitoes then try to add a bundle of sage into your campfire to keep mosquitoes away. It smells good too.


27. Make your grilled food items aromatic

Whenever you are grilling your fish or meat just put some rosemary on the charcoal while it burns. It will give your meat a wonderful smoked rosemary flavor.


28. Use silica gel to save your electronics

During the humid condition, your electronic gadgets can break so save it from moisture you can use silica gel. You can use it to store your cookware as it will protect them from rust.


29. Newspaper to dry your shoes

If your shoes get wet during camping then you can use newspapers to dry it quickly. You have to stuff the newspaper inside your shoes overnight.


30. Wax as a zip lubricant

If your tent zip is making trouble then apply some wax on the zip and see how smooth it will become. You can also use it on your bag and pants zip.


31. Store egg in a bottle

It can be quite a task to bring the eggs safely to your campsite especially on rough countryside roads. To avoid any mishap, break eggs and pour it inside an empty cold drink bottle. This will allow you to have eggs for camping in a safe manner.


32. Secure your tent

If you want to secure your tent then place a stick in the center line of the tent. It will help to keep it in level. Wherever you may be camping you will always find stick around your campsite.

You have to raise up the line a bit and place the stick between the line and the grommet.


33. Popcorn during camping

If you want to make camping special or you are a fan of popcorn then this hack is for you. You have to take instant popcorn and wrap it inside an aluminum foil. Keep this foil over a fire and wait till all popup.


34. Tent line protectors

Many times you can trip over the tent lines and can get injured. To prevent this from happening you have to take pool noodle and cut into short strips. Always choose a vibrant color because it is easy to notice those colors such as orange or light green.

Take these small sections and place it over your tent lines. This will become a line marker and you will know where to put your steps.


35. Trail tape

If you do not want to lose your way during camping or hiking then you can use these tapes. You will find these trail tapes at most of the stores.

They serve as a great marker during hiking and also comes in a biodegradable form. These are safe for nature and the environment and are chemical free.


36. Vacuum seal the food

Whatever food you are willing to take always vacuum seal it. This is a great way to keep the food fresh for a longer time. This helps to keep ants and other bugs away from your food.

This hack will also save some space as you will remove much of the air out of it.


37. Never forget activity bag

Camping is all about fun and enjoying especially for children. Activities done during camping remains in the memory of children forever. So, this is your responsibility that they should not get bored after sometime.

For this, you can pack an activity bag which will be solely for the children and some times for you. Fill them with fun and exciting things. What goes inside the bag will depend upon the hobby and interest of the child.

So, if the child likes to play a game it should have games items – outdoor or indoor depending upon the interest. Some children like to read a lot then fill it with some new books.

This is also useful for you as you can also be stuck in the tent for long hours due to bad weather.


38. Camping/Hiking Checklist

At last, we have assembled some items which should be in your camping or hiking list. Never forget to take essential things and always recheck your list and items.

  1. Rain cover
  2. Tent
  3. Poncho
  4. Towel
  5. Food
  6. Stove fuel
  7. Water
  8. Trash bag
  9. Stove
  10. Cooking kit
  11. Sunglasses
  12. Toilet tissue
  13. Sunscreen
  14. Repellent
  15. Trowel
  16. Matches
  17. First aid kit
  18. Toiletries
  19. Pocket knife
  20. Plastic cup
  21. Fork/spoon
  22. Water tablets
  23. Fried food
  24. Foam Pad
  25. Plastic Tarp
  26. Clothing
  27. Nylon Cord
  28. Flashlight
  29. Compass
  30. Whistle
  31. Map
  32. Sleeping bag
  33. Camera
  34. Binoculars
  35. Notebook/pen
  36. Field guides
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