Camping Gear List [The Complete Guide]

Camping Gear List [The Complete Guide]
three camps are set up in night


Camping gear list is an important list to check before leaving for camping. Because you do not want to find yourself in trouble because you forget something at home.

Like other vacation, you cannot run out to the nearest store because during camping you will not often find anything like that.

So, let’s see what essentials and camping accessories you should bring in camping.


1. Tent

Unless you are car-camping or want to sleep under the sky, you will need a tent. There are many types, size, and shapes of tents available.

Remember to bring a tent according to the number of campers and weather. A small number, such as 2 campers will need a small size pop up tent, whereas 6 campers will need a really big tent or 3 pop up tents.

Weather is also a factor here and you should know how to keep a tent cool or how to keep tent warm depending on the weather. Look or tent various feature which can affect the weather.

You should also know how to set up a tent and how to fold pop up tent if you are using it.

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Foldable Camping Chair on ground
Foldable Camping Chair


2. Chair

A chair is a piece of useful furniture during camping, you can use it in many ways like it can be used for relaxing, eating and sitting around the fire.

There are foldable and lightweight chairs available which you can bring for camping.


3. Light

When the sun goes down it is a much needed and essential camping gear. You can choose from a range of lighting available according to your needs.

Solar lights are also available which can be charged during the daytime.


4. Solar charger

They are useful in charging up your phones, light and other electronic gadgets. Solar chargers also come with a LED flashlight, compass, and whistle. Make sure to choose a solar charger which has less charging time.

They have a clip which you can attach to a bag or tent outside to leave in the sun for charging.


5. Sleeping bag

During cold weather, a sleeping bag is like air for humans. Its compulsory during camping in chill winds and white snow.

Sleeping bags also come with different designs, so it’s important to know which will be best for you.

A mummy style sleeping bag can be a problem for claustrophobic and side sleepers (people who sleep sideward). Whereas other sleeping bags come with unique design as they do not have any zipper and have insulated hand and arm pocket to help you completely cover yourself.

Sleeping bags are also available which have a self-control foot vent to regulate temperature. Look for a water-resistant one. It’s all about design, so choose the better one for you.


A Blue Colored Packed Sleeping Bag
A Blue Colored Packed Sleeping Bag


6. Sleeping pad (Backpacking)

A sleeping pad can make a difference whether you are camping in the rocky or cold area. Try to bring a compact sleeping pad which will not take extra space.

All season air mattress is best as they can be used in all seasons.


7. Roll mat

A good roll mat will make a huge difference if you are hiking and camping all day long. It is needed for a good and tight sleep. Make sure to bring the inflated ones which can be inflated with air for more comfort and they are very compact in shape.


8. Pillow

With all the sleeping gear one thing stands alone that is a pillow. You will want to rest your head on something soft.

Choose for an inflated one as they are very soft and requires less storage space.


9. Blanket

If you are going to camp in cold weather then with a sleeping bag a blanket is a must. It can be handy during cold temperature. you can spread it below your sleeping bag if you do not have any other thing.

Blankets can be used for other reasons such as they can be used a sheet on the ground. It can also be used a cover over the tent to keep it warm.


A blue color Gas Stove on table
A Gas Stove


10. Stove

To cook food you need a stove. You have a huge variety of stoves to choose from. Stoves come in different designs and feature. You can choose from gas, kerosene, electric and wood stoves.

You have to choose a foldable stove which will be light and compact to carry. There are stoves which you can use with a gas cartridge.


11. Sporks

Sporks are useful in stirring and for eating purpose. They are also useful in opening cans and other things too.


a black and silver Penknife


12. Knives

Knives is a must have item for camping as they are so useful that forgetting to bring one can ruin your camping.

You can chop veggies from it and will be needed in the wild. Choose camping knives which comes with a cover. There are a good variety of knives available which do not lose its sharpness easily.

Choose multipurpose knife such as a Swiss knife.


Utensils on fire
Utensils On Fire


13. Cooking utensils

You need 2 plates, 2 cups and 2 bowls for 2 people. Bring good quality and unbreakable utensils so that they do not break during camping.

Frying pan and mess tin are useful for a cooking meal. You do not need a big pan – a medium frying pan will be sufficient. Mess tin can be used for cooking too.

You will also need a sponge for scrubbing the utensils.


14. Storage box

A good size storage box has many uses, you can store from food to cooking utensils in it.

Everything will be in a perfect place if you bring it in your camping. You can also store cook over food inside it for future use.


15. Water bottle

Bring a high-quality water bottle as you will have to store water for much time. Steel water bottles are good as they do not pollute water with chemicals as plastic ones do.

If you are visiting campsite during cold weather then you would not need an insulated bottle but during a warmer season, you would need them.

A filter water bottle is also available after which you will not have to think about water hygiene.


16. Water purifiers

These are tablets which you can drop in water to make it hygienic for drinking. They are of great use where water quality is not up to the mark.


17. Bear bags

Originally, made to survive a bear attack. When you bring food you also have to protect it from the wildlife that will come by its smell.

If you are not in a bear country still you have to save it from rodents and other animals. They are made from bulletproof fabric that can withstand a bear attack too.

You have to tie it to a tree or something like that so that it cannot be taken away by big wild animals.

You can also choose bags which eliminates food smell so that the animals are not attracted by food smells. But they should be hung up high to keep it out from animal reach.


18. Towel

Do not forget to bring a towel which is very useful to dry things. They are needed to dry hands to utensils.


19. Quick-dry towel

This microfiber towel can dry up four times faster than any regular towel. It uses less space which is so important while camping.


20. Can opener

It can be quite messy to open a bottle with knives or penknives. Think it as a sword cannot do what needle is meant for – a small but useful tool.


21. Camera

Without a camera, you cannot record the good moments. Bring a lightweight and handy camera for recording videos or for clicking photos.

You can also use your smartphones for this as today’s phones are not so bad. Always bring extra batteries so that if charging fails you still have the power to click awesome pictures.

Bring the strap, so you can tie it around your neck. It will be safe as a camera is a delicate and expensive electronic item.


22. Smartphone

Never to forget an item like thing in the camping gear list for every camper. A smartphone is really smart, they have so many useful features.

Smartphones features which you can use for various things like:

  1. Flashlight during darkness
  2. GPS if you get lost
  3. Camera for videos and photos
  4. Music, to enjoy the fullest
  5. Download survival guide
  6. Use apps
  7. Can call someone if there is an emergency


23. Speakers

How can you imagine a camping trip without music? Speakers just do not amplify the sound from your phone but also makes the environment more enjoyable.

Choose speakers which have blue-tooth or wifi connectivity. Invest in good speakers as the sound quality of a speaker is its real value.

If you have a good quality speaker then you can be tension free. As the damage associated with splash, shock, and dust will be least. This is what you don’t want in the middle of the trip.


Map and Compass with glove
Map and Compass


24. Map & Compass

Always keep a map of the campsite if you are fond of exploring new areas. You can get lost in the wild especially if you are in a forest area. Compass will make it easier to use a map.


25. Walkie talkie

If you get lost somewhere then it can come handy. By this, you can get very far from your campsite.

Bring a long range walkie talkie, which will be very useful. Remember the efficiency of these things can decrease in area, which has lots of high trees or hills.


26. Lighter or waterproof matchstick

Fire is the best friend of humans in wild. Believe us, when you burn some wooden sticks in a night, you feel so safe and in comfort. This came to us from our ancestors.

A lighter is very useful during camping, as it can lit a fire for cooking and to make a campfire. You can also use waterproof matchstick as they will not get wet due to any reason.

If you are bringing a match then you will need a couple of them but if you are bringing lighter then please take some more as one can break and you can use another.


27. Flint Stick or stone

They are light in weight and are extremely useful to make fire if you do not have matchbox or lighter for it. Try to use them while you have lighter, just to make sure during need you will be able to make fire out of nothing.


28. Head Torch

It can be useful for night camping. The flashlight is on your head that’s why where ever you turn your head to see anything it focuses its light onto it.

Use waterproof head torch as it can be used in wet climates too. You will need them while you are out in the night and your hands will be free for some other work.


29. Survival guide

During a life-threatening situation, they were the lifesavers for many. It is a good idea to invest money and time for a good survival guide.

There are many methods and techniques explained in these books which will be helpful not only in bad times but in other situation too. In it, you will know how to make shelters survive every kind of disasters and how to find water.

Remember to bring popular stuff as they have been tested many times. Use users reviews to judge the book.


30. Ducktape

Tapes can be handy while camping as you never know when a problem will arrive.

You can mend from broken poles to ripped tarp with it. Choose good quality tapes which should not come out easily.


31. Zip Ties

You can repair bike frame to bags from it. They are good to be used for a tent too. Make sure to bring a good quality one.


32. Sewing kit

They can be used to sew your clothes, tent fabric, and sleeping bags. If you are a true survival guy you can even use it to give stitches. Just make sure to heat the needle in a fire before inserting it in the skin.


33. Biodegradable trash bags

If you care for cleanliness and for the environment then use them. They will make your camping area clean and hygienic. One rule of camping is to leave no trace, so use it to obey this rule.

Because they are biodegradable, its degrades in less time and does not pollute the environment. Make sure not to put anything which will not rot in thousands of years, such as plastic bags. Make sure to add it in camping gear list.


34. Waterproof bags

Useful during rainy seasons as they keep everything inside them 100% waterproof. You can keep your small items inside it so that they do not get lost.


35. Rechargeable batteries

Makes every electronic and electrical item alive once again. Make sure to invest in good quality, for better performance.


36. First aid kit

A must-have gear for your camping because you may not find any medical help for miles or hours. Make sure to take medicines if somebody has any disease like diabetes or asthma.


37. Sunscreen

Sleeping in the tent with sunburns is not fun. It will take days or weeks to get relief from tan. Make sure to apply it in the morning so that you can go all day long.


38. Bug repellent or spray

Without it, you will have a tough time sleeping or camping. Open places often have bugs and mosquitoes. They are not good for anyone as they can be dangerous with their bite and possible diseases.

Invest in a good quality bug or mosquito repellent. You can also opt for combined sun and bug cream which is good for both, they have sunscreen and bug repellent properties too.


39. Rehydration Salts

Never leave home for camping without it. They can be used after a daylong hiking activity which will make you tired and devoid of electrolytes. They can be very useful if you have diarrhea in the middle of nowhere.


40. Wet wipes

Useful where water is scanty and you do not have a shower facility. You can use them without water.


41. Camping shower

They are small solar power shower bag which can be filled with water and left in sun for sometimes to get heated. It will give a warm water shower which you will need after hiking or a day-long physical activity.


42. Biodegradable soap

It can be used for hand wash, shower, and dishwashing. It is biodegradable so, no polluting problem for a camping site.


43. Biodegradable shampoo & conditioner

Use it during a shower if you are camping near water resource.


44. Dry shampoo

If you are camping where water is not available then you can try them. It will remove sweat, smell, and oil with any water.


45. Toothbrush and toothpaste

Do not forget to bring your toothpaste and toothbrush as your mouth will stink all day long.


46. Hand sanitizer

Definitely, a valuable item for camping if you do not want to fall sick. Hand sanitizers are great because you do not need to rely on water and soap for clean hands.


47. Notepad and pencil

They can be used to keep a track of your days and what you want to plan for the next coming days. Use them to make a list of items which you will need in camping and keep a track of it.

Use pencil as they do not spill as pen and are more reliable than a pen. Difference between a pen and pencil is that a pen can stop writing due to technical failure but you can sharpen a pencil once again to start writing.


48. Indoor and outdoor games

how much fun you can have while camping if you have some games to play with your friends or kids. You can take playing cards, chess, football, badminton, and many more indoor and outdoor games.

A must-have item for your camping gear list.


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