Benefits of Camping [List of 21 Benefits]

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Benefits of camping! Many people are going to be surprised by reading this but this is a fact!

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity, which is an outdoor activity that is mostly done in a natural setting.

Let’s see, what are the benefits that person get from camping.


1. You breathe fresh air

Camping is a great way to be around mountains, forests, and many other natural terrains. It gives you a chance to breathe in the fresh air. It exposes you to green trees and forests.

Fresh air is hard to find in cities and even indoors are not safe.

More than half of the world’s population lives in an urban area which is full of different types of pollution such as noise, air, water, and soil pollution. Toxic from these pollutants enter our body and cause many forms of diseases.

You must have heard that you should add a plant in our office for health, now imagine yourself in between thousands of them.

Research has shown that spending time outdoors can improve your blood pressure, improve your digestion, and makes your immune system stronger.

According to EPA indoor pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor.


2. Reduces the stress levels

This is for camping is all about. An outdoor recreational activity to take a break from all the work which you do every day. Stress effect your health negatively by which you can fall ill.

Whenever you have to think about an important matter or you are under stress then take a walk outside.

Whenever you are camping you do not have to be at a certain time anywhere, no one interrupts you and you are not competing for anything like in the office. All these things calm down your mind.

By research, at the University of Minnesota if you are in nature or even viewing nature then also it reduces stress and increases a good feeling.

According to another research it was found that in school, hospital, and even in the office if they do not have any visible nature it can bring an unhealthy impact on the quality of life.

There is stress with everything in this world such as family, friends, and even bills.

So, next time you are camping don’t forget to look at some strange plant or cool your feet in a stream or pond to reduce stress. Camping recharges you for the next round of everyday life.


3. Increases the vitamin D levels

Whenever you are camping one thing is sure that you will spend more time outside than normal days. Spending time outside means exposure to sunlight which is a cause of the production of Vitamin D in the skin.

Vitamin D is needed in the body for stronger bones and absorption of calcium and phosphorous. Vitamin D is made in our skin when it absorbs ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Nowadays taking supplements is normal whereas you can directly get them through natural sources. Research has shown that vitamin D supplementation is not a good substitute for actual UV exposure.  There are lots of other health benefits of the sunshine vitamin.

4. Powering up social bonds

How much time you spend quality time with your family or friends. Human is a social animal and our interaction’s with our loved ones is an excellent way to boost ourselves.

By research by Dr. Teresa Seeman, it was found that socializing can help to increase your lifespan and delay problems related to memory.

Nowadays, big companies are also choosing camping as a medium for developing social bonds between their employees. Camping is fun when done with our near ones or with whom we spend a lot of time.

It is a great way to build a relationship or repairing the broken ones. We live in a busy age where people have a lot to do and sometimes they are inseparable from electronic gadgets.

All these results in loose bonds between people. So, gather up and plan camping somewhere far away from a busy life.


5. Better eyesight

From childhood, we were told that too much sunlight (UV Rays) is bad for health but the new research is suggesting that UV light is important for normal eye development in children. It can also help to prevent nearsightedness.

Nearsightedness is called Myopia and is increasingly becoming common. Scientist believes that by 2020 the number of myopia cases can be as high as 2.5 billion which is one-third of the population.

At first, the primary cause of myopia was thought of as staring at the screen. In a pilot study by the Center of Contact Lens Research in Canada, it was found that children who spent more time outside had a lower rate of developing myopia.


6. Physical Fitness

Camping is all about fun and you are not going to sleep there. You leave your sedentary lifestyle at home while camping and it also rewards you.

First, you have to reach the campsite and find a good spot to pitch the tent. Preparing food and other stuff will keep your body engaged in physical work and don’t forget to pick firewoods for a campfire.

With all these, you are going to burn even more calories in fun activities. Remember hikers burn 120 to 300 calories per hour, bikers burn 300 to 500 calories per hour and fly-fishing can burn 200 calories per hour. So, which of these activities you are going to take part in.


7. Reduce your inflammation

Inflammation in the body is seen as unhealthy for the overall health. Inflammation is a natural body reaction to viral infection or sprained finger.

An increase in inflammation is seen by unhealthy living and a poor diet. When it increases too much then it brings a wide range of diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer.

In one study it was seen that people who spend their time outdoors or in nature show reduced oxidative stress and reduction in pro-inflammatory levels.


8. You will sleep better

There is much reason for this. You are with your loved ones which brings a relaxing effect to your mind. You are not in your regular work and stress which is good for your brain.

Humans have nearly always slept when the sun goes down and woke up with the rising sun. We have always lived with lanterns and candles but in the last hundred years, everything changed with electricity.

Good sleep has a positive effect on your body, it can reduce inflammation, help you in staying alert, and improves your cardiovascular health.

During camping, you get a lot of sleep which fixes your body’s circadian rhythm due to the natural light source. The circadian cycle is referred to our sleep cycle which has evolved over thousands of years.  You live in artificial light sources which is the reason for insomnia and poor sleep quality and quality.

By a study at the University of Colorado, it was found that when you spend more time outside your melatonin levels become more balanced.

So, to have a better sleep go camping and let nature fix your sleep cycle.

Camping gives you a reason to be physically active that is why people have a good sleep in camping.


9. Decreases sedentary lifestyle symptoms

A sedentary lifestyle is the cause of many diseases that is why people are told to avoid it at any cost.  People nowadays spend more time sitting than in any period of time in history. New technology and shift work are the cause of this kind of lifestyle.

In a study, it was revealed that we spent nearly 87% of our time indoors and 6% of the time in the car.

To tackle it, spend your maximum time being active and during camping, you are active for most of the time.


10. Improve your short term memory

In research by the University of Michigan, it was found that walking through Arboretum can increase your short term memory by 20%. They selected two groups of students the first group would walk through the city and the other would pass through an Arboretum. the group which passed through by arboretum showed better short term memory.

Another thing is that you have less distraction while you are camping. This improves the concentration level and it also happens due to a reduction in the stress of an individual.

It becomes easier for you to remember a task when your mind is not clouded by many things.


11. Fight seasonal affective disorder

The seasonal affective disorder is the feeling when the summer season is over and you have to wait 6 months for the spring to come.

This creates a type of depression in people. The seasonal affective disorder starts around fall and extends throughout the winter season.

According to keck medicine to fight it you have to get outside, exercise, meditate, or take a vacation.  All these things are done in camping.


12. Healthy eating

Healthy eating is one of the best things about camping unless you have packed the same snack and fast food.

While camping you should try to make camping as natural as you can. Try to catch fish or try hunting.

You can barbecue them or roast some potatoes or tomatoes. Campgrounds and wild areas are also filled with trees with edible fruits or herbs. But be careful and do not eat any wild plant or fruit without basic knowledge.

There is a great taste in food when you cook outside especially when you have caught the fish or have hunted down an animal. There is something about cooking over a campfire.

Eat natural live natural without any chemicals or preservatives.


13. Disconnection from technology

Technology is a boon for us but sometimes you need to go away from it. Near about two – thirds of the global population have cell phones today.

Now you find people sticking with their phones and lost in the digital world. Even it is awkward when you find people staring at their smartphones on the dinner tables and not talking to anyone.

In recent studies over cellphones and people, it has been seen that our habitual involvement with smartphones affects our ability to think, remember, regulate emotion, and also our efforts on paying attention.

During camping, you can avoid having any digital connections rather than the real and true connections with your family and friends.

Keep a cellphone nearby you in case of an emergency but do not overindulge in it.


14. Life without an alarm clock

Think about it, when was the last time when you have slept without an alarm clock. It has become a part of your life.

When you camp, you will not find that alarm clock near you and that’s big news. Your life had worked simultaneously with the clock, now it’s not.

So, give a break, arise with the sound of the chirping of birds, and do whatever you want.


15. Learn new skills

This thing is true that you learn new things on every trip. It does not matter whether you know how to pitch a tent or to prepare food, all these things you will learn before you leave the campsite.

We learn by our own mistakes and by seeing other mistakes too. There are also many books on survival skills which are really fantastic.

By learning skills, you will be able to pitch tents, start a campfire without matchsticks or catch fish without a fishing rod. By learning all these you will need to pack your bags with fewer items.

When you learn new tricks and skills it’s time to share them with others.


16. Educational opportunities for children

Learning for children is important and if they learn by playing then it becomes easy for parents. When they spend their time in camps they also learn new things.

Scouting programs have become so popular because of this. Kids can learn things such as cooking, fishing, hiking, starting a fire, tying knots, first aid, pitching a tent, and many other things.


17. Your mood will be better

Whenever you engage yourself in something new your mood immediately improves. That is the reason why people find traveling so good.

When you do something new or something which you do not often do then your body becomes more relaxed. You are not there to make others happy than yourself and your dear ones, you are not in worry about your office schedule.

You are spending your time with loved ones and you do not have to worry about getting early in the morning for any work. No stress and good times always enhance the mood.


18. Recharging yourself

 Many times you do not feel right because you are burning from inside. You may feel that you do not want to do anything.

All you want is to take a break and recharge yourself for life again. Human gets bored when they do any repetitive work.

Camping is all about to re-ignite yourself, that’s why so, many people take a break and choose camping. This is because you want to run away from your current work or life.

This is also good for a relationship that needs a little boost. Camping can help you out because there will be no one except you two. It a nice time to patch up the broken things.


19. Grow confidence

Camping is a nice way to develop confidence in you. Whenever you do something new you grow confident in yourself which is also helpful in many other fields.

You have to do something or the other it can be a big task of hunting or a small thing like roasting tomatoes.

Humans have an inborn habit of comparing their tasks with other tasks, so, if you succeed in small things you will gain the confidence to accomplice bigger tasks.

Arranging fresh water for yourself or others can be a quite challenging task and every time you succeed you are adding a bit of confidence.

Never get disheartened by any failure, try again the same task till you finish it up according to your plan. Leaving it undone will not be good for your confidence level.


20. Family connections

Camping is a great way to strengthen your bonds between family members. Children never forget the good moments which they have gone through.

Today, family ties between children and parents are not so strong as they were years ago. This is all because of our busy life. Parents are at work and children are busy in school or college. They all get time during holidays and even holidays are now like working days reserved for work at home.

When you all will come home after camping you will find a much stronger attachment with each other.


21. Forest bathing

Shinrin-Yoko is a Japanese term that means ‘taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing”. This all started in the 1980s in Japan and has become one of the best preventative health care measures.

What happens is that when you spend time in a natural area such as a forest or lakeside and take a walk in a relaxed way it is rejuvenating, restorative, and brings calming effects on the body and mind.

Various studies have been conducted which prove the scientific benefits of Shinrin-Yoka.



Camping is an activity which provides various kinds of activity which we don’t do in our daily life. All these activities help you out to decrease stress, makes you confident, and teach you many tricks and skills which can be helpful in life.

It is an inexpensive way to spend time with your family or friend with fewer things. We are hopeful that this article has provided you with some valuable knowledge about the benefits of camping.

Keep Camping Keep Learning!