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A small travel trailer is popular among the RVers and there are many reasons for it.

First, small camping trailers are easier to tow compared to a large trailer.

Second, they cost less.

Third, lots of options are available for parking and storage.

After all, if you are out for an adventure then what might be the reason you have to stick to the widescreen TV, sitting on a giant leather lounger in a 35 feet motorhome.

We have a list of 15 small travel trailers that are worthy to take a look at least once.

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1. Forest River r-pod

Photo of Forest River r-pod Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Forest River


BrandForest River
Hitch Weight252 pounds
UVW2504 pounds
CCC748 pounds
Exterior Length18’ 4”
Exterior Height9’ 6”
Exterior Width96”
Fresh Water30.00 gallons
Gray Water30.00 gallons
Black Water30.00 gallons
Awning SizeOpt. (R-dome)


Forest River r-pod is #1 on my list. They offer many different layouts to choose from. These travel trailers are of low weight which makes it easy to tow even with a less powerful vehicle.

It has 11 different floor plans, it also includes one expandable layout with a pop-up tent room with a queen-size bed.

Taking about their different layouts you can design its interior according to your taste and need. Whether you need a rear kitchen or a much spacious bathroom you can get what you want.

It has a powder-coated steel frame for additional durability, corrosion resistance, and little to no maintenance at all.

The length of the RV is 18’4” – 22’2” so it easily fits into any campground, even in national and state park campgrounds. It is also easier to tow and needs less space for storage. If you have a space for cars then you can make a space for it too. The weight of the r-pod is 2,839 lbs.

FloorPlan Picture of R-Pod RP-180 – Credit Forest River Inc

Every unit of r-pod is equipped with a 3.7 cubic feet 3-way fridge, 2 burners recessed cooktop with a flush mount glass cover, 6 gallons gas/electric DSI hot water heater, and a 4-speed MaxxAir fan. Pretty cool!

The r-pod travel trailer comes with a 6’6” interior height, so it is pretty comfortable even for a tall person to walk inside it. You can even choose a wet bath model, and every model has at least a dry bath. You also get a shower in every model that has a hot and cold water facility.

In upgraded models, you will have options to add a 24” LED flat-screen TV, R-Dome awning with a screen room, microwave oven, solar electric system that includes 110W solar panels, a digital controller, and 1000 Watt inverter.

If you have a pet then you can use a pet-friendly frame that is mounted with a utility hook and food/water bowls for them. Overall it is a great choice of many and is among the best travel trailers.

Video: Forest River r-pod Interior

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2. The Timberleaf Pika



The Timberleaf Pika is a two-person, lightweight small travel trailer that comes with some off-grid comfort that you can’t say no.

This travel trailer gets its name after a small breed of mountain rabbit called American Pika. They are a daring and speedier species that are adapted to living in the rocky mountains and off the grid.

Pica has a weight of 1025lbs which makes it a lighter and eco-friendly trailer because you get good mileage from the towing vehicle. A teardrop trailer that is durable, eco-friendly, and comfortable.

You can choose from different packages that are available which will enhance the comfort and experience of your trip. Some features of it include Timbren Axleless suspension with a 4” lift, electric brakes, max Coupler articulating hitch, rock armor, and 33” BFG All-Terrain tires.

Accessories include Solar panels, lockable storage boxes, outdoor cooking accessories, and roof racks that come with some extra cost. You also get a 35L fridge.

Do not go on its looks, it is quite insulated for those cold and wet days. There is 4” thick mattress inside and a large pocket where you can store maps, books, flashlights, and electronic gadgets. There is also a fan for humid days on the insulated roof and seven bright 12v LEDs which illuminates the interior quite well.

Including all this, there is a skylight from which you can look at the stars at night and a slide back cover when the sun comes up and you still want to sleep.

The electrical system includes 110V power, converter, and 12V battery. It is loaded with a 100 amp-hour deep cell marine battery which can power up to six USB power outlets, two 110V GFCI outlets, and one general 12V charger. Sufficient to keep your power-hungry devices alive!

Key Features

  • Electric drum brakes
  • 30×9.5r15 all-terrain BFGoodrich KO2 tires
  • 4” lift
  • 15” polished aluminum wheels
  • Max-Coupler articulating hitch
  • Timbren Axle-Less suspension, 3600lb independent suspension
  • Aluminum Jeep-Style diamond plate fenders

Video: Inside The Timberleaf Trailer

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3. TAXA Outdoors Cricket Camper

Exterior Picture of TAXA Outdoors Cricket Camper
BrandTAXA Outdoors


TAXA Outdoors Cricket has a very sleek, modern design which is way different than the traditional travel trailers.

The Founder and CEO of TAXA Outdoors are Garret Finney who has work experience at the International Space Station and has a lot of experience in designing for purposeful usage in small spaces.

He did his best in designing this too, where this travel trailer is lightweight and only 15 feet in length, which makes it’s easy even for a 4 cylinder vehicle to tow it. Due to small size turning it in even in tighter places is easy. Regardless of its compact size, it is sufficient for two adults and up to two children to sleep in it.

So, what you get in it. A pop-up roof with five mesh windows and four swing windows which is for good ventilation and to give a feeling of outdoor even inside it. The swing windows also have shades and screens for optimal privacy.

Inside you get storage which is under the bed and a pop-up table even when you are on the bed. There is a large counter in the kitchen, a covered sink, and a lot of storage. There is also a 32 x 20 window for a panoramic view of the outside.

Floorplan of TAXA Outdoors Cricket Camper

The floor is made up of 1-inch plywood floors with ABS laminates and a non-slip seamless nickel patterned flooring. The body is made up of a laser-cut aluminum skeleton and powder-coated steel chassis which makes it lightweight, durable, and strong.

Due to its modern design and usable space, it was featured in places like Forbes and The Travel Channel. This travel trailer does not come with lots of upgrades and floor plans, because there is no need for them.  A complete package for an outdoor enthusiast, it’s a home away from home.


Exterior length15’
Exterior width6’7”
Exterior height (closed)6’11”
Exterior height: (open)9’2”
Interior width (max)5’3”
Interior height (closed)4’2”
Interior height (open)4’2” to 6’10”
Bed dimensions (max-width)75” x 59”
Kids berth(s)60” x 22” (130 lbs)
Freshwater tank15 gallons
Gray water tank16 gallons
Ground clearance12”
Tongue height20”
Tongue weight205+lbs
Dry weight1,753 lbs
GVWR2,500 pounds
GAWR3,500 pounds
Cargo capacity700 pounds
Habitat capacity2 adults and 2 kids
Aluminum panelsAluminum Alloy ASTM B 209
Square footage63 sq ft

Video Of Cricket Travel Trailer From TAXA Outdoors

4. United Recreational Vehicles iCamp Elite

Exterior of i-camp elite
BrandUnited Recreational Vehicles


This one is from the United Recreational Vehicles who have built it in retro style but with modern finishing and look.

This trailer is fully laminated and reinforced with aluminum for low weight and low fuel consumption. This is a teardrop trailer that has an Apple iPod connection.

It is 14 feet long and 5 feet 11 inches high. Yes, there is not enough headroom for taller people. Still, space is enough for 2 to 3 people. It includes a sleeping capacity for 2 to 3 people and a dinette bed for a small guy.

Inside you will get a 3-way refrigerator, glass slider windows, and 6-gallon hot water heater. Taking about storage space you get a lot of options and also a dinette which can be transformed into a queen-size bed.

Floorplan of i-Camp Elite – credit United Recreational Vehicles

You get customization options such as flat-screen TV and a DVD Video/Audio. There are two color options for you either you select a blue or orange one and it does have only a one-floor option, so you do not have much choice here.

5. Taxa Mantis Trailer

Picture of TAXA Outdoors Mantis Travel Trailer Photo Credit- TAXA Outdoors
BrandTAXA Outdoors


I have tried to include as many variables such as size, color, and style so that you get a lot of options. This travel trailer is again from the Taxa. It got its name from the praying mantis as it looks like it.

This trailer is under 2,300 pounds and is 18 feet long which makes it lightweight and pretty spacious. According to Taxa, there is enough space for 4 adults and you can even do athletics and yoga inside it.

Interior Picture of TAXA Outdoors Mantis Travel Trailer Photo Credit- TAXA Outdoors

It has a very unique design with a steel exterior and an orange pop top. Due to the orange color, you can find it out even in a huge crowd except there are not many of the same models out there. This trailer uses every inch of space as a shower and the toilet is in the same small place.

6. Dub Box Camper

Picture of Dinky Dub Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Dub Box
BrandDub Box


If you are a classic travel trailer fan then this one is for you. This one comes from Herefordshire, United Kingdom.

These travel trailers are made up of fiberglass and you can select the color of your choice. You can select from a wide range of colors.

You can select a pop-top version model if you like extra headroom. There is also a retro-style kitchenette, four-berth bed including a pop-top or you can select from a full dining room which comes with a built-in kitchen which includes a fridge and cooker.

Interior Picture of Dub Box Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Dub Box

Due to fiberglass material, the trailer is lightweight and durable at the same time. It does not require a heavy-duty vehicle to tow it. You can choose from a variety of designs which include flooring, upholstery, worktop, cupboards, and blinds. There is something for every individual.

7. Happier Camper HC1

Picture of Happier Camper HC1 Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Happier Camper
BrandHappier Camper


Another, retro-style trailer for you! It looks very close to iCamp Elite but is quite different than that. This trailer is 13 feet long with 6 feet 1-inch headroom.

One thing about this trailer which is very exciting that it is very customizable as you get lots of options including the interior. The modular interior can be set according to your taste or need very easily. This model has a wide entry door, rear hatch, and a thick 1.5-inch honeycomb fiberglass floor.

There are 7 color options to choose from, enough to get a desired one. It has an Adaptive dynamic interior which is a system of 20 x 20 cubes that can be arranged in an infinite number of configuration for a desired interior look. Do not worry, you don’t have to set it as you will get pre-set designs to choose from, later you can change it according to your will.

Interior Picture of Happier Camper HC1 Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Happier Camper

These modular cubes can be used as a bench, table, lids for storage, cushioned for sleeping or even sitting, toilet cover compartment, or as a cooler. It has endless design options.

You get a table, sink, cooktop, dry flush/turbo toilet, AC/DC fridge/freezer, reading lights, rear hatch privacy screen, loading ramp, contoured 100-watt solar panel package, heated and pressurized road shower, and cargo. There is also an option for a lifted suspension that is compatible with an off-road trip. You can use the rear hatch as a toy hauler for bikes and other things.

8. Apache All Terrain Trailer

Picture of Apache All Terrain Trailer Photo Credit- Carp Expedition
BrandCarp Expedition


Mark Weseloh is the founder of the Car Expedition which is now known as the Carp Expedition. He wanted to make trailers that could be towed by inexperienced as well as experienced people. A travel trailer that could be towed very easily.

The trailer is made with a minimalistic approach keeping in mind the necessities of RVers living in the wild.

You get an option of choosing from two models The Trail Hawk which is for two adults. Simple in design and build with a powder-coated steel frame with Timbren Axle-Less suspension for additional comfort and durability. The second one is called Apache, larger than its previous model. It can accommodate 4 to 5 adults and comes with a rooftop tent option.

There is enough room for storage and battery which are needed for your devices. Due to lightweight, it is easily towable behind any vehicle.

Apache is larger so it can accommodate more things in it than The Trail Hawk. Apache has a roof rack and ample storage capacity. You will get a propane gas and other hooks up systems to power it for a long time. There are shelving storage and the electrical panel and it also includes an awning for a comfortable outdoor experience.

Exerior Picture of Bear Teardrop Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Carp Expedition

Both models have a roof fan for ventilation. Additional necessary things like 4 feet memory foam mattress and porch lights are available in these models. Heaters, sun showers, and rear hitches with awning are provided too.

Both the model is made for off-road adventure fitted with all-terrain tires for terrains such as mountains, forests, and deserts.

9. Homegrown Trailers Woodland Trailers

Picture of Home Grown Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Home Grown Trailers
BrandHome Grown Trailers


Homegrown Trailers Woodland Trailer has brought another classic teardrop trailer. They are popular in selecting material for the trailer such as material which is non-toxic, sustainable, and is renewable.

The length of the trailer is 19 feet 4 inches, which can be parked inside the garage. You get 6 feet 5-inch headroom that is enough for even tall people. The trailer itself is not heavy as it can be towed by a vehicle with 3,500 towing capacity.

On the outside, there are wood panels that come in 4 colors to choose from. You can also select from beveled, tongued, or grooved siding.

Inside there is ventilation, a sleeping facility for 4 people with queen size bed, and either you choose from a bunk/couch layout or dinette/bench layout whichever you like the most. The bunk/couch layout converts from a couch into bunks and the dinette/bench layout can be converted into a flat platform that becomes a bench or XL twin bed.

Interior Picture of Home Grown Woodland Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Home Grown Trailers

Including it, there is a 400 watt of solar panels that you can double with an extended off-grid package, mini-fridge, composting toilet, and a one-burner induction cooktop for cooking. Lithium-ion batteries can be used with solar panels for electricity.

You also get an outdoor shower that is equipped with a 3-gallon pressurized water chamber with a foot pump and a 7-foot spray nozzle. It can be used on a wooden standing platform. There are also a sink and a bathroom.

You do not have to worry about the insulation as the walls and ceiling of this trailer is insulated with wood. Wood is a great insulating material.

10. The TerraDrop

Picture of The TerraDrop Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Oregon Trailer
BrandOregon Trailer


The TerraDrop is built by the Oregon Trailer, they have built this time a trailer which is sufficient for a large group. This trailer is an all-terrain vehicle cum home that you can take anywhere.

Its special feature includes metallic silver paint, small spaceship-like doors, and off-road wheel which are quite large. Its weight is 1200 pounds which is quite low than other trailers of this category. It is 5 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and 8 feet long.

Interior Picture of The TerraDrop Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Oregon Trailer

Inside you get a double bed, an internal compartment for additional storage, large blacked-out windows, and an electric fan for proper ventilation. The large blacked window keep your inside activity hidden for people outside the camper. You can also customize the trailer with additional cost.

One special feature of this trailer is that it is very safe to tow as 15 percent of the body weight is distributed to the tongue of it.

11. Winnebago Micro Minnie

Picture of Micro Minnie Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Winnebago


Yet another small trailer for people who like small, compact, and yet strong things. Here is Micro Minnie from the Winnebago.

There are different versions of this from 19 feet 2 inches to 25 feet 5 inches. The interior headroom is 6 feet 4 inches for each model and each one of them is 8 feet wide.

Outside, the chassis is NXG engineered, build with high-quality frames for extra strength. It is built on a lightweight foundation with a TPO roof that is heat reflective and also energy efficient.

Interior Picture of Micro Minnie Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Winnebago

You have 10-floor plans to choose from. Equipped with a 13.5K BTU low profile AC you get sufficient cooling facility. Other amenities include a full kitchen package, bathroom, dinette, and a king mattress that can be transformed into 2 twin beds.

There is a microwave, fridge, tank-less water heater, power awning with LED lights, and exterior speakers.

A special feature about these trailers is that it has dual axles that are harder to be found in the trailer of this size.

12. Sherpa Trailer

Picture of Sherpa Travel Trailer Photo Credit- BRS Offroad
BrandBRS Offroad


Sherpa trailers are designed by an Australian company named BRS Offroad. Very modern in design and an all-terrain thing which can handle even the toughest environment.

It is equipped with an Alucab roof tent which can be popped out for additional space. You can use it for sleeping and it has a mosquito-proof net for safety and comfort. This tent has additional features such as resilient outlining and three windows. It is also rainproof.

There is an extendable gazebo that you can pull to wrap around half of the Sherpa trailer. It is useful on sunny days as well as on rainy days to provide extra cover. It has a space for a kitchen with two 30 liter Dometic fridge for storing food. You also get a 2 burner for cooking which can be folded to save space. A sink, storing space for utensils, and kitchenware are other amenities included inside Sherpa.    

Exterior of Sherpa Trailer

There is an outdoor shower curtain for privacy. A diesel water heater will provide warm water in cold days.

Inside the trailer, you have a 21 inches LED TV, double bed for two. Power is supplied by external solar panels for your daily needs.

13. Scamp Trailer

Picture of Scamp Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Scamp


Another retro looking trailer for classic lovers on our list. This is a Scamp trailer which is available in three lengths. You can select from a 19 feet trailer for up to 6 people, 16 feet trailer for a small family, and 13 feet trailer best suited for singles and couples. Quite a range!

Taking about towing the 19 feet model is the only fifth wheel, 16 feet can be towed by a medium-sized car and 13 feet model is good for a 4 cylinder car. Scamp trailer does not have any slides which make it easier to tow.

The 13 feet model is the original model of the company, which is quite good for couples and comes with a 2 burner cooktop, icebox, and sink facilities. You can select from a wide range of flooring and cushions.

The 19 feet model has an added loft bed which increases the sleeping space, the rest of the features are like 16 feet one. The 16 feet have an additional counter and storage than the smaller version. You get three-floor plans to choose from. In all the three versions the dinette can be transformed into a sleeping space and the couch transforms into two bunks for sleeping.

Its body is built with heavy gauge tubular steel which gives strength to it. The axle has a torsion suspension system which gives independent suspension to its every wheel.

14. Airstream Basecamp

Picture of Basecamp Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Airstream


The second last in my list is the Airstream Basecamp, no introduction as it is a known brand in the RV world. It is their smallest model till now.

The length of this trailer is 16 feet 3 inches and the headroom is 6 feet 3.5 inches.

Features include a pre-wired solar package, storage facility, USB charging points, water heater, cabin heating system, shower, sink, toilet, and others. The shower can be used outdoor too.

It has a floor plan which has a kitchen, dining, and bathroom. The kitchen is in the front equipped with a 2 burner stove, sink, microwave, and a fridge. You get a storage facility in the kitchen for food and stuff. There are a countertop and panoramic window. A blackout curtain is available in the bedroom for privacy and comfort.

The bathroom includes a clothesline for your wet clothes. There is an awning, extra rooftop tent, and other amenities. A stainless steel protector is added in the front of this model for added protection from stones and rocks.

You can also opt for a tent that can be attached to the rear and main door of the trailer to extend the living area.

15. Bruder Expedition Trailer

Picture of Bruder Expedition Travel Trailer Photo Credit- Bruder
BrandBruder Expedition


Bruder Expedition trailer is a heavy-duty modern-looking trailer especially for people who are looking for added luxury during an outdoor adventure.

The feature of this small travel trailer includes an added storage facility, four beds, a shower, a kitchen that can be used inside as well as outside, hydraulics, and more.

All-terrain trailer for adventure in any condition and terrain. Inside you get a place for wine, tables which can be folded, widescreen TV, AC, cupboards, and others.

A cool feature of this trailer is that you get a touchscreen that relays the information back to your smartphone or tablet. So, if you want to turn on the lights you can do it from your smartphone.

"Optimists Share Knowledge Generously" - Vanessa Angel
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